B-Mecha @ Anime Festival Asia 2009 Part 4

December 3rd, 2009

OMG… This is the 4th post for AFA 2009… Well, There are quite a few booths around so I should briefly write about them. Don’t worry this is the last post of my AFA 2009’s coverage. I didn’t take the photo of the main stage’s event and the cosplayers since my whole attention was on the toy sales and mecha. Please check out other bloggers coverage for things that I had missed.

Production I.G.

AFA 2009 Other Booths
Production I.G.’s Booth. Many people gathered to view the trailer for the new anime.

AFA 2009 Other Booths
If I’m not mistaken they are selling this original artwork of Ghost In the Shell (with the originality cert) for few hundred Singapore Dollar D:

AFA 2009 Other Booths
Production I.G.’s new work: Oblivion Island – Haruka and the Magic Mirror. Moe Shoujo <3. Also bought 2 little Production I.G. key chains and the Japanese staff gave me a free poster for this anime :D

Tatsunoko Production

They showcased quite a few anime series. Not many people gather though.

AFA 2009 Other Booths
AFA 2009 Other Booths
Karas! This is a great 6 episodes OVA. It is similar to Kamen Rider but in anime form and it slays demons =D.

AFA 2009 Other Booths
Casshern Sins. Watched the series on Okto Channel. Good concept but can’t fully understand each episode =(

Mad House

The production studio that handling the Marvel Anime Iron Man. The booth mainly promotes their new movie Summer Wars.

AFA 2009 Other Booths

AFA 2009 Other Booths
Summer Wars Poster. Seems interesting… I wonder when will this movie available in Singapore’s cinema?

AFA 2009 Other Booths
Summer Wars’s character design, they are pretty stylish ^__^;;

AFA 2009 Other Booths
Mamoru Hosoda, the director of Summer Wars and Girl Who Leapt Through Time. He held an autograph session here only for 15 fans.

Other Booths

AFA 2009 Other Booths

AFA 2009 Other Booths
Sanyo’s Eneloop battery booth. There are some cute toys display and the big mascot walking around the area. Love the doggie charger =D.

AFA 2009 Other Booths
Animax, our lovely anime channel. They invited some dubber to do the “live dubbing”.

AFA 2009 Other Booths
Gigantic Domokun… I would prefer the “life-size” xD.

AFA 2009 Other Booths
Collateral Damage Studio. They have big wall scrolls of anime bishoujo.

AFA 2009 Other Booths
Anyone bought the Mio?

AFA 2009 Other Booths
Imaginary Friends Studio, the famous artist group with outstanding CG work.

AFA 2009 Other Booths
Artwork auction, nice work but I’ll give it a pass…

My loots @ AFA 2009

I’m so happy that I bought quite a few items that I dream of, especially the SOC Shin Mazinger Z (with the nylon bag) SDX Superior Dragon and the SDX Full Armor Knight Gundam.

My loots @ AFA 2009

  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Nia’s cup
  • SDX Full Armor Knight Gundam
  • SDX Superior Dragon with Aura Blade (1st Bath exclusive)
  • SD Sangokuden Zhaoyun Gundam Hieisen Chrome Version (Gundam Expo Exclusive)
  • SD Sangokuden Sou-Hi Gundam
  • SD Sangokuden Papercraft Diorama (Freebie)
  • Soul of Chogokin Shin Mazinger Z
  • Mazinger Z Nylon Bag (Freebie)
  • UCC Coffee with Evangelion 2.0 characters

My loots @ AFA 2009
Back view of the Mazinger Z Nylon Bag

My loots @ AFA 2009
Thank you Hanako, my Japanese friend that bought me this Evangelion 2.0 coffee!

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  • http://moemoekyun.wordpress.com/ moemoekyun

    will you throw away the cans after drink it LOL ^^;??

  • http://chubbybots.wordpress.com chubbybots

    Me want mazinger!!! (i’ll take the empty cans too :D)

  • http://renntako.blogspot.com/ ren

    lolx! hahah.. i wan the cans too! 3 each chubbs! XD

  • http://gunstray.blogspot.com/ Gunstray

    Screen shots of yatt..Summer wars, really reminds me of yatterman. When are you gonna review the Mazinger Fist, Im pretty excited about it.

  • http://www.bmecha.com B-Mecha

    @moemoekyun: good question… I havent drink them yet… hopefully they are not expired lol.

    @chubbybots: the cans are mine!

    @ren: I can give u the coffee, the cans will be mine!

    @Gunstray: Planning in progress, this is my first chogokin so I will try to do something fun with it :D

  • http://razrig.wordpress.com razrig

    u bought alot… i bought less then 5 item at afa… evangelion coffee is a must for me~~~~ (drank it… if not i’ll be a waste~~ T_T)