Blogger Outing @ Mascot Parade and Heeren

July 4th, 2010

Yesterday was a tiring day! I was invited by Chubbybots to the Mascot Parade at Scape park few days ago. As I know there will be toy booths for the event… but what I really like is the toy blogger outing! So me and my girl friend want to join the fun too! Nice meeting Leon from Open the Toy, Dennis from Collect EM all and Zh3us. We had fun time sharing our thoughts on toys and stuffs. :D

Mini coverage of the Mascot Parade

Mascot Parade Anime Cosplayer - Gundam OO Raiser
There were quite a lot of people gathered at Scape. Perfomers, visitors, helpers, shoppers and cosplayers. Among them only 2 cosplayers that got my attention, Gundam OO Raiser and a Cactus monster from Final Fantasy. Others are great but just not my cup of tea =). Since I can’t quantum divide myself and go through the crowd, there is no photo of the cactus. XD

Mascot Parade Characters - Superman
The Mascot Parade! Lots of fun character gather and walk around the Scape park.

Mascot Parade Characters - soldier on stick?
I admire their effort to train themselves to stand with the sticks. Good one guys!

Mascot Parade Characters - Music Band Performance
Right after the parade there is a music performance. The band is doing quite well and many people gathered around them.

Mascot Parade Characters - Music Band Performance
One of the performer doing special moves.

Mascot Parade Characters - Music Band Performance
Photo of the day

Toy Blogger Outing @ Heeren McDonalds

After a short visit to the toy booths, Chubbybots, me and my GF went to Heeren to meet up with Leon, Dennis and Zh3us. We had lunch at McDonalds while have some chat about toys! And our hands are getting itchy for toy photos!

Toy Blogger Gathering - Nendoroid Tachikoma
Tachikoma: Fries!

Toy Blogger Gathering - Nendoroid Tachikoma
Tachikoma: Want some?

Toy Blogger Gathering - Nendoroid Tachikoma & Robot Damashii Bonta Kun
Bonta Kun: Gimme ya fries!

Toy Blogger Gathering - Nendoroid Eins and Moyashimon
Eins is surrounded by Bacterias! Those bacterias figure are from Moyashimon (Tales of Agriculture) and belongs to my GF =D They are spreading poison to the fellow bloggers!

Toy Blogger Gathering - Nendoroid Eins and Moyashimon
Leon and Chubbybots are exploring different ways of arranging the toys. Nice layout!

Toy Blogger Gathering - Nendoroid Eins and Open the Toy Mascot
Custom made figure from Leon! The quality is great =D

Toy Blogger Gathering - Toy Mascot Parade
While Scape have Mascot Parade, we have our Toy Mascot Parade too!

Mascot Parade and Toy Blgger Outing from other bloggers

ChubbybotsFrom the Mascot Paradeā€¦.
LeonPreview Gundam @ Mascot Parade

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  • Gunstray

    00+Backheavy weird Jet, How the hell can that guy even move, must have trained in the mountain to get all that upper body strength^^

    LEon Made OTTi into a figure, when was that!?!

  • LEon

    Wow! Awesome coverage! I have to rush off before the actual parade begin. Really nice to meet you and your gf. Hope to meet you up again soon. :D

  • tsukinari

    *_* 00 Raiser cosplay!! wah.. nice event.. and yes that Moyashimon figures is cute!! XD

  • Marzz

    Hmm, seems pretty fun.

  • heathorn

    ahahah, moyashimon bacterias are indeed very cute
    where did your GF get that? maybe I’ll go and check :D

  • B-Mecha

    @Gunstray: U have to ask the person inside. It is damn hot in such a suite!

    @LEon: Nice to meet you too. We will arrange for the next meet up

    @tsukinari: There are a lot more photos from my GF. When her blog is up I’ll make a post here

    @Marzz: You should come and join us too!

    @heathorn: Last week I saw them available at La Tendo, it cost around sgd70-80 for the complete set

  • MaftyNavue

    woah, nice.. all of you live at SG, I really want to meet all of you there >.<… maybe when I have plan to go SG hehe..

  • h4mster

    those bacterias are really cute! they’re like kindergarten kids when standing next to a nendo :D

  • bluedrakon

    Way too much fun had by all at McDonalds and nice to see the Tachikoma was being helpful too

  • softz

    Ah man… I didn’t even know about this event. It’s great to see so many people from the photos.