Bandai new gunpla series? Real Grade 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam

March 20th, 2010

O_o Another RX-78-2 Gundam? Wait… RG… Real Grade 1/144? Saw this pic from another toy forum and it seems like Bandai latest gunpla series. This Real Grade is meant for expert / experienced Gunpla modeller, where there are very detailed parts and other gimmicks. From the pic it doesn’t seems like 1/144 at all…

Gunpla Bandai Real Grade 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam

According to the pic, RG 1/144 RX-78-2 is meant to recreate the image of real mecha with detailed part separation and panel lines. Just like the anime scene, there will be Core Block System and Full Transformable Core Fighter in this 1/144 scale model O_O. I suspect this is going to be as hard as those military kit, where the parts are tiny and need to be glued together. This is out of my league, anyone up for the challenge?

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  • chubbybots

    Its like PG at 1/144 scale :D Will get this to get a feel of this new series!!

    Seems like the joints are much better and more suited for articulating XD.

  • B-Mecha

    Yea, but I bet the parts will be thinner and smaller. Hopefully it is not as fragile as Kotobukiya kit

  • moemoekyun

    just hoping not end like keropla not fun to be build @_@

  • TamiClements19

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  • h4mster

    we’ll see about the price for this baby…is it gonna cost more than an MG??

  • rockleelotus

    i want to get this, but will have to see more details first! a HG, MG lol craziness. oh are you serious about needing glue for the kit though? that would be a downside for me XD

  • Gunstray

    I swear some of the parts were prebuilt, and Decals were “realistic” . But Hell, I dont care if Gunpla reverts to the old ages when Plamo need more than clipper, a file, a brush, a cloth, time, dedication, and the acursed Suppah Glue from hell!I love this Idea, and Im gonna support it, and Ill be waitng till Freedom gets RG’d!

  • Marzz

    This is another highly anticipated object just after the Mega size RX-78-2 lol…. Bandai not giving us any breaks this year….

  • Chag

    I’ve seen a couple of photos featuring the details on this kit. Apparently each flaps on the suit’s chest vents are individual pieces! Can’t wait until more information is revealed, because this new line looks pretty promising.

  • MaftyNavue

    HG + MG + PG = 1/144RG

    really interesting..

  • bluedrakon

    I think I will stay away myself. I am more trying to get into the SD’s first then back into the full scale later.

  • Syful

    I’m up for it XD

  • divinelight

    I’m keeping this a watch.
    If it’s good, I’ll get this, even this cost too much for a 1/144, moreover an RX-78.

    looking forward for the realistic decals.

    by the way, I’ve moved to a new site, hope you could change my link in blogroll too, thanks.

  • Himynameisjude

    not true about the glue i just bought me this kit two days ago its really cheap too only for 33000 won which is less than $30

  • M Gheith

    This was the first Gundam model I have ever bought. You mean to tell me there is easier?