BMecha @Toy Carnival Singapore!

July 5th, 2009

Toy Carnival @ Singapore Art Museum

Today, July 5 2009 I went to the Singapore Art Museum, not for the arts but for the Toy Carnival. As expected, It is great and crowded (=_=). The carnival took place at both 1st and 2nd floor, where I saw toys, cosplayers, people, more toys, and more people. They are giving away free candy floss and comic books too :D.

Toy Carnival @ Singapore Art Museum

Toy Carnival @ Singapore Art Museum’s 1st floor

Toy Carnival @ Singapore Art Museum

Toy Carnival @ Singapore Art Museum’s 2nd floor

The Toy Sales

Usually I dislike crowded places but I’ll forgive it for this event, because there are lots and lots of toy sales, which is so exciting! Most of them are selling Figma, Revoltech, ACG Figurines, Star Wars and Transformers. ACG / Toy Events are great timing for fans to get the best deal with lower price. I managed to buy 10 Revoltech Figures today!

Figma sales @Toy Carnival

Figmas are selling at SG$25 & 28 each!

star wars toy display @Toy Carnival

Some Star Wars toy for display

comic sales @Toy Carnival

Comics are selling at SG$1 each. It is 1/4 price of usual manga O_o.

Star Wars and Kamen Rider (Masked Rider) Cosplayers

Unlike the usual cosplay event where you get to see anime characters, the cosplayers today are Star Wars, Kamen Rider and Military soldiers. Star Wars Troopers made a great scene today. They are moving as a team of 4-5 persons around the 1st floor. Darth Vader and Obi Wan are there too! And I saw 5 Kamen Riders standing side by side :>.

Strom Troopers @Toy Carnival

Storm Troopers are walking in the crowd.

Strom Trooper Indian moves?

The Indian movie coconut tree moves O_o

Strom Trooper hugs coconut tree

Why you hug the tree instead of the girl?

Kamen Riders!

4 Kamen Riders (Shadow Moon is my favourite).

Kamen Riders!

Saw another Kamen Rider :>

My loots @Toy Carnival

revoltech loot

All of them are Revoltech Figurines, which include Hot Rod, Star Scream, VF-1S (Skull Leader), VF-1J Max, VF-1F Miria, Asuka (Fraulein), Protect Gear, Kauser II, Camus and Jagi. I’m glad that my Revoltech Macross series and Revoltech DMC series are completed :D. The Arc Gurren Lagann is not from the Toy Carnival, I bought it from other place after I left the event. Review is coming soon :>.

Friends that visited Toy Carnival @SAM

Too bad I din take enough photos, if you want to know more, check out the following blogs for more photos:

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  • ghostlightning

    Congratulations on completing your Macross Revoltech series! I also completed mine earlier this year. While the VF-1S if my favorite, I think the regult is the best, even if it isn’t to scale with the others.

  • Razrig

    Wow figma for sg25?? huhu a bargain .. nice loot ^^
    the place seem small~~ even gordon are there ^^

  • B-Mecha

    @ghostlightning: thank you. Regult is really great, I have 3 of them. The size should be proportion to the valkyries.

    @Razrig: Yea, too bad i’m not really a figma collector, else I’ll “bleed” more. Sad that not able to meet you guys. Maybe next time we plan a toy trip ;)

  • kodomut

    How come your picture angles are so high T____T

    You must be really tall!
    Anyway lets try to meet up @ the next event!

  • B-Mecha

    @kodomut I got long arms, like orang utan *ROFL*

    I was using my camera phone, it is pretty handy to hold it up and snap ;D

    We should exchange phone number before we go to the next event.

  • ghostlightning


    Wow, 3 regults! I don’t think they’re up to scale because a battloid is the size of a Zentraedi pilot. No way the Revoltech battloids would fit in the Regult figures!

  • goldfries

    damn. I WANT THAT MIRIA!!!

    Speaking of that, I plan to buy a few Regults too!

  • LEon

    Wah you got some good cosplay pictures! I will link you over at my blog in the event for pple to look at the funny photos you shot. You know those guys?

  • B-Mecha

    @ghostlightning: hmm thats true. but in the anime regult always give me the impression of 150% taller than valkyrie.

    @goldries: regult is cool, get them in team like 3-4 and fight your valkyries!

    @LEon: no problem. i just happen to be there when they are having outdoor photography session. i don’t know any of them :)