Magazine Exclusive Revoltech Black Getter Dragon

October 2nd, 2009

Not long after I bought Getter Dragon and Neo Getter Robo, another magazine exclusive Revoltech pops up. It is the Black Getter Dragon!!! Why~~~ just when I thought I can allocate my savings and budget properly…

Revoltech Black Getter Dragon

Anyway, It looks so much better than Black Getter Robo 1, especially the huge canon… Regardless of Kaiyodo is sucking our “blood” or not, we are the one who cannot resist temptation (I want it~~). Currently I’m looking for seller to help me pre-order it. If you have any contacts please let me know =D

Oh ya, my new baby Revoltech No.001 Shin Getter Robo 1 just reach my place. More photoshoots to do… ho ho ho ho ho *faint*

Info and image from toysdaily

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  • Snark

    In all honesty, I’m kinda tired of all the revoltech Getters, where’s my goddamn Mazinger revoltechs!? And while they’re at it, I want Gunbuster too!

  • bluedrakon

    They know you want it – we know you want it – just stop eating for a week and you can get it. We all know that cool robots and really big guns = more sales.

    @snark I would like to see both Gunbuster’s

  • Gunstray

    Damn, getter is pretty sexy in black, plus the awesome Gun/cannon/lance

  • GenMechJournal

    That’s pretty awesome! The shape and look of it looks pretty amazing.

    Did they show this character in Shin Getter Robo OVA series? Don’t remember they have this….

    How much is it selling for?

  • B-Mecha

    @Snark: yea… I want more super robots. But i’m looking forward to Full Metal Panic! series since Arbalest is in the que.

    @blueDrakon: Let’s pray that I’ll survive until that day =D

    @Gunstray: Yea, Getters look so good in black T__T

    @GenMechJournal: Nope, I watched Getter Robo Armageddon but I don’t recall the black version… I’m checking the price with some seller… hopefully it is not too expensive.