Marvel Iron Man Anime Teaser by Mad House!!!

Yup it is Anime, Japan Animation. Mad House recently released the Anime Iron Man teaser. Unlike the poorly made Iron Man cartoon, the teaser seems to feature a group of new enemies and multiple Iron Man-ish Robots to join the super hero fights. Couldn’t expect more from an Anime, the art quality is supreme!!! Please hold your jaw when you are watching. =D

Marvel Iron Man Anime Teaser by Mad House

*Thumbs Up*

Some Screenshots of Iron Man Anime

Marvel Iron Man Anime by Mad House

Anime style Iron Man!

Pepper in Iron Man Anime

Anime’s specialty, Beautiful drawn female. Is that Pepper?

New enemy in Iron Man Anime

A pretty powerful enemy, he seems to have a similar suit like Iron Man.

Iron Man fights new enemey in Iron Man Anime

Iron Man VS new enemy.

The Iron Man anime will release in 2010. Hopefully it is not something like Animatrix which is combination of a few clips, instead of a full movie. I preferred it as a full movie.