Pahlawan Sangokuden Hang Jebat & Hang Tuah Gundam?!

June 20th, 2010

This is not a prank. I thought they were mod when I see these photos for the first time but apparently those are real! Seems like Bandai want localized gunpla for the market… To be honest the designs for Hang Jebat & Hang Tuah Gundam are pretty good. Hopefully Bandai can surprise us with Pahlawan Sangokuden future release :D

Pahlawan Sangokuden – Tuah Gundam & Jebat Gundam

Bandai Gunpla - Pahlawan Sangokuden Tuah Gundam and Jebat Gundam
Bandai Gunpla - Pahlawan Sangokuden Tuah Gundam and Jebat Gundam

Some toy forums mentioned the following names for Malaysia + Singapore Pahlawan Sangokuden series:

  • Tuah Gundam
  • Jebat Gundam
  • Pendekar Soldier
  • Malaysia General (should be Gundam type)
  • Kuala Lumpur Gundam
  • Musha Sabah (Warrior Sabah?)
  • Singapore Sea Dragon King
  • Pahlawan Gundam
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  • chubbybots

    Hmm shouldn’t it be call merlion gundam or something lol…

    If they do release one serangoon gundam I don’t mind since i stay there haha!

  • Marzz

    ……… Seriously?

  • B-Mecha

    @chubb: You won’t know the sea dragon is riding on a merlion battleship!

    @Marzz: Well at least the prototype is there… no idea when will it release though.

  • tsukinari

    Litt Takk colaboration? LOL… looks nice~ not really SD fan.. but I want to see 1/100 Pahlawan Gundam :D

  • AstrayP03

    you know what? I would derfinitely buy one of these just for the LOLs xD

  • h4mster

    Wow, that’s unique :D

  • B-Mecha

    @tsukinari: mod one, just like how HK modeller made ryubi gundam :D

    @AstrayP03: The pendekar soldiers actually looks good. Consider building an army?

    @h4mster: Want to get one?

  • heathorn

    wow, really an official release?
    looks interesting

  • ezeyGTR40

    WOW!!!!! I’m gonna get those!!! All of them!

  • LongYC

    Holy! Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat in action!

  • Eria

    I like it n this a name 1Malaysia

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  • Pramudhita atjanta nugraha

    i am more like hang jebat .
    hang tuah too loyalty
    and can easily tricked to politician .
    hey buy in indonesia to i wanna buy hang jebat gundam