SD Gundam BB Senshi Sangokuden turns into anime!

October 12th, 2009

Bandai is going to make the popular Gunpla series SD Gundam BB Senshi Sangokuden – Battle of the War Gods into Anime series! Hooray! It has been sometime since the previous SD Gundam anime. This series is based on the classical chinese story, “Romance of the 3 Kingdoms” and “cast” by the SD Gundams, I can’t wait for the series~ =D.

SD Gundam BB Senshi Sangokuden Anime

SD Gundam BB Senshi Sangokuden – Battle of the War Gods Anime Promotion Video

The promo video shows the fierce battle between the 3 brothers and Lu Bu. From the words below the title, “Battle of the War Gods” should be the first season of the series =D. The video quality seems good… muahahahhaha I’m going collect this Gundam anime series.

SD Gundam BB Senshi Sangokuden Model Kit Promo Video

Different from the previous video, this is a full video showcase most of the generals in the 3 Kingdoms. The 5 Tiger Generals are so cool!

With the games like SD Gundam G Generation series, I’m glad that SD Gundams gained so much attention of Gundam fans. I am a SD Gundam fans since young and my first gunpla is actually one of the musha gundam in the story of 7 generals. Do you like to have a SD Gundam soon? =P

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  • Snark

    Jesus christ, robots…girls, will they ever run out of ways to reimagine the three kingdoms?

  • Yi

    I remember these three kingdoms gundam. I used to collect small toys of these as a kid.

  • B-Mecha

    @Snark: 3 Kingdom still acceptable… compare to the “revamped” concept for “Journey to the west”, It really made my eye pain.

    @Yi: The old ones are mostly samurai stories, this 3 Kingdom story only appears recently (around 1.5 years ago?)