Want a Mecha Wife? Get a KOS-MOS

August 27th, 2009

Volks 1/4 toy figurine KOS-MOS from Xenosaga

Usually I don’t include Human figurines in BMecha.com, well… she is mecha so i’ll introduce her to you guys :D. She is KOS-MOS, a mecha (cyborg?) girl from Xenosaga that can shoot laser beam and have cannons on her hand out of no where. Although I didn’t play the game (No PS2 T___T), but she pawn my mecha senses, a big part of me refuse to recognize her as mecha, that’s why I’m using “She” but not “It”. This huge 1/4 KOS-MOS by Volks is too good to be true!!! In serious temptation to make her into my waifuuuuuu.

Photos of Volks 1/4 toy figurine: KOS-MOS from Xenosaga

Volks 1/4 toy figurine KOS-MOS from Xenosaga
Volks 1/4 toy figurine KOS-MOS from Xenosaga
Volks 1/4 toy figurine KOS-MOS from Xenosaga
Volks 1/4 toy figurine KOS-MOS from Xenosaga

OMG! Her eyes and lips are soooooooooooo beautiful. I know this sounds perverted but I feel like kissing her, seriously. The perfect body figure with elegant pose, even the huge cannon beside her becomes part of her charm. Luckily she doesn’t have breast misslile else it will be a serious joke, but she doesn’t need that to pawn guys anyway. *bow down to the queen*

Did you see the beauty of her absolute area? The absolute area I mentioned is an otaku’s term, refer to the area between the edge of her short-skirt and over-knee-socks where her thigh are exposed (detail explanation). Looking at her make me doki-doki (means panic, like seeing a girl that you like).

The most scary part is… the price. This KOS-MOS will cost you 50,000 yen (about US$530) and it is event exclusive. Be prepare for the madness price on ebay, if there is any. All the photos are taken from Volks, for more info please view their webpage.

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  • http://lookingglass.kokidokom.net/ gundamjehutykai

    “The AT Field I mentioned is an otaku’s term, refer to the area between the edge of her short-skirt and over-knee-socks where her thigh are exposed”

    And I always thought that it was called the “Zettai Ryouiki” or “absolute area”
    But the more I saw of her, the more I wanted her. Better start making preparations…

  • http://www.bmecha.com B-Mecha

    @gundamjehutykai: thanks for correcting the term. i always mix up when i saw the kanji of absolute area and AT Field are the same. I saw the KOSMOS at your post so i wanted to introduce her as well ;D. her face is so prettyyyyyyy

  • http://lookingglass.kokidokom.net/ gundamjehutykai

    No problem B-Mecha. Feel free to spread the word as well. I think, until I tipped it off to tomopop, only myself, Johnson Huang over at Garage kit haven and those who really watch out for stuff on tokyohunter were even aware of it’s existance. But things have exploded since then and esp since wcloudxkumo posted colour pics earlier this week.

    Of course, knowing about her and owning her are 2 different things. Tokyohunter says that he has 1 order and several interested parties, although interested parties doesn’t mean that it will equate to a sale…

  • http://taikutsuremedy.blogspot.com/ Snark

    If memory serves me right, KOS MOS is all robot; so you’re in the clear on featuring her on your blog.

    And I fucking love her gun thing too

  • http://razrig.wordpress.com razrig

    WoW…. Kosmos really look awesome~~~~~~~ the best Kosmos figure ever seen before~~ + volk figure are awesome ^^.. i think i will cost u BOMB^^

  • http://lookingglass.kokidokom.net/ gundamjehutykai

    @Snark: Xenosaga 3 establishes that she has a human soul so it’s up in the air as to whether she’s an android or actually has human components.

    @Razrig: that’s an understatement. AND you need to paint her as well!!!

  • BloodofTerrorism

    I suggest you get a PS2 (they’re not expensive, you can buy a PS2 and the trilogy and still have money left compared to buying a 1/4 Kos-Mos). It’s a damn shame and crime people want to buy Kos-Mos but know nothing of the game she was in. That’s like those retards that buy all those beer and liquor apparel but don’t drink.

  • http://www.bmecha.com B-Mecha

    @snark: iirc she has 4 cannon in one of her designs…

    @razrig: definitely. She is so much better than majority of the figurines out there.

    @gundamjethutykai: O_o we need to self-paint the kosmos?

    @BloodofTerroism: If i have the chance to properly sit at home n play, I definitely get them as my collection. however, i’m just lack of free time for game. my poor psp is not even played for 5 hours per week…

  • http://lookingglass.kokidokom.net/ gundamjehutykai

    @B-Mecha: Yup, she’s a 1/4 resin kit so she’ll come in white-ish parts and will require building and painting expertise. Another reason why people are shying away from her.

  • http://quentinlau.blogspot.com/ Q

    Despite the fact that it’s a resin kit, e2046 apparently will have the painted and assembled version of her up for preorder soon. She’s very overwhelming in terms of details and beauty~ ^^

  • http://www.bmecha.com B-Mecha

    @Q: wow that’s really good news for me (as a person who has lousy paint skill).

  • http://quentinlau.blogspot.com/ Q
  • http://lookingglass.kokidokom.net gundamjehutykai

    And here I am scrounging for pennies to buy an official kit despite the massive chasm in costs.

    Something about owning the recast when I can see the original in front of me just doesn’t sit right

  • http://www.bmecha.com B-Mecha

    thanks Q, that price seems reasonable. I wonder the paint job will be as good as the photos.

  • http://gunota.info Jacques

    When I first saw the swimsuit version from Alter, it took my breath away. And seeing this version is no different, it is just as mesmerising despite from a different company. Up till date, I still personally feel that the KOS-MOS figurine is the best despite not being a figure collector.

    If I had the cash to spare, I would have both them both without thinking.

  • Matty Sarro

    KOS-MOS is an android. She was created with 100% mechanical parts (it means there’s no flesh and blood). so yeah, I don’t think her breast is squeezable xD