Gurren Lagann Papekura Giga Drill by Daim Choc

February 9th, 2010

Few days ago I received an email from a mecha fan, Daim Choc. From his email, he just completed his Revoltech Gurren Lagann (with GL wing) and Lazengann (Congrats!). He would like to share with us a Gurren Lagann VS Enki photo.

Revoltech Gurren Lagann Papekura Giga Drill VS Revoltech Enki
The Papekura Giga Drill is so huge! O___O

Don’t worry, if you want to build one for your Gurren Lagann, this paper craft is designed by Cherry-Kun and available for download at his deviant art page.

Somehow I feel bad for Viral, anyone volunteer to design some customize weapon for Enki? If you want to share some interesting mecha/robot photos, news or even artwork, feel free to email me the details =D.

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  • moemoekyun

    wow I never know that drill is big
    I planning to build the evangelion base

  • Daim Choc

    Hello! Just wanted to add that the papekura Giga Drill is a hybrid from the design from Cherry-Kun and RevoRama-70 page 13. I used the bottom for arm/hole attachment. Thanks BMecha!

  • Daim Choc

    Forgot to add the link to the revorama. Here you go:

  • blogatoy

    Nice paper craft >_<
    losta KUDOS to you Daim Choc

  • eru

    ooh paper craft!!! i’m starting to get addicted to them XD

    that drill sure fits the gurren lagann :)

  • heathorn

    LOL, it’s like enki is being threatened ^^
    and iron man pretends not to see a thing…….