Extremely Cute VF-1S Valkyrie by rotobox

July 14th, 2009

Cute VF-1S Valkyrie by rotobox

Did you hear that? “Please bring me home…”, this skull leader is so adorable… it is calling me to bring it home. Usually I don’t look into designer toys, but this one is just too cute to be ignored. Too bad it is a custom made toy by Rotobox and there is only 1, unless they decide to mass produce it in future. Somebody bought it already… *sob sob* I’ll just look at the photos below…

VF-1S Valkyrie by Rotobox

Cute VF-1S Valkyrie by rotobox

OMG, it is transformable??

Cute VF-1S Valkyrie by rotobox

VF-1S Gearwalk mode. Still very cute with the hands and legs.

Cute VF-1S Valkyrie by rotobox

VF-1S Fighter mode. It is cute but a bit distorted =/

Cute VF-1S Valkyrie by rotobox

Dispaly of all the parts.

My friend storybookpuppy commented that this figure looks like Marvin, the depressed robot in Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy. Maybe it is the expression and the roundness of the head, they do look alike. If you want to see more VF-1S photos or want to know more about its creator, please visit Rotobox’s website. The images used in this post are from Rotobox website.

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  • http://gunstray.blogspot.com/ Gunstray

    OMFG!! That thing just freezed my soul! Still =3

  • http://taikutsuremedy.blogspot.com/ Snark

    Oh holy fuck! He can transform!!

  • http://www.bmecha.com B-Mecha

    @Gunstray:yes! he is so cute! <3

    @snark: I prefer him to be in Gearwalk / battroid mode. fighter mode doesn't look as good.

  • http://anime3r.blogspot.com blur

    Extremely cute.! I wonder if it really transforms or is a dismantle and reassemble thingie.

  • Kenutsu

    Adorable! Fighter mode looks cute ;D

  • http://razrig.wordpress.com Razrig

    cute LOLZ… ^^