Gunbra 01: SD Cao Pi Gundam Part 2

January 19th, 2010

Gunbra Cao Pi Gundam update! Let me post the 3 W.I.P photos for the painting process. Since my GF is new to Gunpla, I suggested to do minimal painting instead of painting the whole figure. We mainly coloured the gold and red parts. The effect is great and we love the bling bling! =D

SD Sangokuden Cao Pi Gundam W.I.P

SD Sangokuden Cao Pi Gundam Work in Progress
Painted a layer of dark grey for the gold parts. Meanwhile paint the red colour area on the shield and gundam head.
SD Sangokuden Cao Pi Gundam Work in Progress
Added 2 layer of gold colour. Mr. Color Gold is quite nice.
SD Sangokuden Cao Pi Gundam Work in Progress
Bling Bling Sword.

SD Sangokuden Cao Pi Gundam Photo Shoot

SD Sangokuden Cao Pi Gundam Work in Progress
SD Sangokuden Cao Pi Gundam Work in Progress
SD Sangokuden Cao Pi Gundam Work in Progress
SD Sangokuden Cao Pi Gundam Work in Progress
SD Sangokuden Cao Pi Gundam Work in Progress

Done! The whole building process is mainly done by my GF, I only assisted her on the painting part (Since she is busy with other things, I helped her paint the 4th & 5th layer). The outcome is great and this is our most successful Sangokuden Kit so far. I’ll see what other SD kit to poison her for next round. =D

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  • AstrayP03

    Sweet! love the bling bling ^^

  • Jacques

    I loved how the gold turned out real well. As well as, the (dim/shady)lighting and the atmosphere of the picture. Something different from the usual lighting we’ve seen, the ‘feel’ in the last picture was the best.

  • divinelight

    My friend would like to try SD series, but he don’t really like BB series, because there is no kind of gundam in gundam universe.

    But well, BB Gundams are great, too bad I just can’t like it, because it never exist…

  • B-Mecha


    I love the gold too. For the lighting I use natural bright sunlight (around 1-3pm) from the window. Use F2.0-3.0 for the blurry effect and it turns out well. The key here is the bright spot light :D

    Can understand that, the attractiviness of the model kit will go up if there is anime series to support it (like OO and SEED).

    In another way, those manga series like SEED X-Astray will be less popular.

  • rockleelotus

    she did a great job, yea poison her more lol

    adding the red and gold made a huge diff, love how it turned out ^^

  • heathorn

    The gold bling bling is nice! A sangokuden must be shiny like this :D

    Love the photo lighting, I cant stop thinking it’s like he’s inside a church, hahah

  • B-Mecha

    In fact I think this kit turn out much better than my other older kits.

    Yea, Bling bling is must for all the gold parts! Must be the window’s frame shadow that gives the inside church feel xD.

  • chubbybots

    Awesome work man!!! Love the gold and the pictures :D Your gf really did pretty well for her gunbra haha!!

    So ready to poison her with the next kit say sonken hehe^^

  • moemoekyun

    gunbra again -_-
    woah shinny gundam I love bling bling *_* want mr.color

  • B-Mecha

    Thanks. Will try to poison her with other SD kits.

    As long as my GF did the kit, I’ll call it Gunbra.

  • RX-SIU

    Wow, nice painting. Airbrushing?

  • B-Mecha

    @RX-SIU: Hand paint. The surface not really good though =(

  • blogatoy

    OMG! This looks just great. I’m also trying to collect SDs myself and want to custom paint them. But since i’m buying a lot of stuff and all my budget won’t allow me to buy materials for it. T_T

    Since I’m new to gunpla and too lazy to research stuff have any suggestions on how to go about this? I really want to paint my SDs :D

  • B-Mecha

    @blogatoy: You can visit Chubbybots gunpla guide.

    You don’t have to buy a lot of the tools. Simple one like Mr hobby acrylic paint or gundam marker. Get the gold, black, red and blue will help a lot.

  • Kyriosexia

    Sorry, why the Grey, then the Gold on the SAME PIECES?