Kotobukiya D Style Super Beast Machine God Dancouga

December 2nd, 2010

Kotobukiya D Style Dancouga

New release for Kotobukiya D Style series, which is famous for its SD mecha. This Kotobukiya D Style Dancouga is a plastic model (means you have to cut and fix it), schedule to release on April 2011 and will be sell at 2,100 Yen.

SD Super Beast Machine God Dancouga Video from Super Robot Wars Alpha 3

SD Dancouga in action. It has been very active in Super Robot Wars legacy.

Super Beast Machine God Dancouga Anime Opening

This is the original anime opening for Dancouga. For your information, this Dancouga is not the same as the Dancouga Nova that made its appearance in Super Robot Wars L (NDS). Both of them are different anime series.

Although it is pretty old anime, but the animation quality and smoothness still amaze me. Lately I’m addicted to old anime XD. Trying hard to finish my Majin Eiyuuden Wataru season 2 (aka super demon heroes)

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  • Super Anon

    The catchphrase is awesome enough already.

  • http://gunota.info Jacques

    I always loved Dancouga Battle Animation BGM, it’s very catchy. However, I haven’t had the chance to see the show so far.

    Nonetheless, I am eager to see what Kotobukiya has install for us Gunbuster and Dancouga’s release. I guess Ingram Unit-3 is a certain now that we have AV-0, Unit 1 and 2, together with Griffon Aqua and Flying type.