Metal Build Gundam OO Seven Swords

November 25th, 2010

Bandai Metal Build Gundam OO Seven Swords Magazine Scan

Bandai is going to release a new lineup for its metal figure – the Metal Build series. The first figure will be this Metal Build Gundam OO Seven Swords. The Gundam’s size is about 1/100 and I have no idea why Bandai can’t stick to the Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite (GFFMC) series…

Bandai Metal Build Gundam OO Seven Swords Magazine Scan
Orz… How many OO Gundam that Bandai want to make…

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  • Quentin Lau

    The reason why this 00 Gundam has its own line is probably due to the fact that this is not designed by Katoki Hajime; most of those in GFF series are probably (re)designed by him while 00 Gundam is designed by Ebikawa.

    As for people complaining about 00 Gundam again and again, what about those rehash of RX-78-2 all over the years? I mean the point is that yes there are a huge variety of the same stuff, but it also means we have a large variety of choices too. We choose what we want to get, and just ignore those that we are not interested and there are bound to be people who wants one over another. Hobby should be as simple as that really IMHO.

  • Marzz

    Looks pretty good I must say! What’s the scale of GFFMC btw, if you are comparing it to the metal build?

  • Quentin Lau

    Both GFFMC and this Metal Build 00 Gundam Seven Sword are 1/100 scale.

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  • B-Mecha

    From what I have heard, there are a lot ppl complain about the RX-78-2 line as well. Even RX-78-2 now days doesn’t repeat as frequent as OO… But I agree that having more version means we can choose the best one that we like the most (best details, best proportion, best colour, best acceosries etc).

    Instead of keep repeating the same mold. example: OO Gundam, OO Raiser, 7 swords, Condenser Type. Combining OO Raiser, 7 swords and Condender parts as one release without the Gundam body can be much more cost effective (for the customer and the enviroment).

    As a fan, I would like to see other MS to able make its appearance on the line, at least with more enemies against the main lead.