My Dream Figure – Revoltech XAN is here!

August 19th, 2009

Muahahahahah, at last the Revoltech XAN that I dreamed for almost a year is here! I bought this limited edition Revoltech figure through eBay and it really cost me a lot. I wished for it so much since there isn’t any good XAN figurine out there. Let me continue to molest the figure muahahahahah *grins*

Revoltech XAN Photos

Unlike Enki’s sword, this is sharp solid plastic and it is very long.

My favourite Ninja poses :P

When the first design and prototype of XAN just released, many people refer it as Black King Gainer, later it was renamed to XAN (in japanese means “slash”). XAN is actually an original mecha design for Super Robot Wars Z special disc. In the game, It is one of the servants of Overdevil in the anime Overman King Gainer. 500 years later, it was discovered by Gainer and given the name King Gainer. Check out XAN’s amazing fighting moves in Super Robot Wars Z.

XAN from Super Robot Wars Z special disc

Too bad I’m not rich enough to own multiple XAN to do the shadow duplication moves XD.

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  • Gunstray

    GunDAMN, XAN’s such a beauty that it almost puts the Gainer to shame

  • Snark

    Oh shit I want this.

  • Razrig

    Nice ^^.. seem it have a very long sword ^^

  • B-Mecha

    @Gunstray: yea… it is so detailed with such nice concept.

    @Snark: eBay is ur friend :D

    @Razrig: yup, the sword is as long as XAN itself.

  • h4mster

    i really love the second picture man! nice angle, and very cool pose!
    I once trying to hunt XAN, but unfortunately my mission ends up in failure TT

  • B-Mecha

    @h4mster: I love that one too! I have an extra brand new MISB Revoltech XAN. Interested? But it won’t be cheap ^^