My GF said “Gunbra”…

January 13th, 2010

LOL enough slacking for me and Chubbybots even said “Long time no see” in his blog! Better kick my ass and back to blog about mecha. What happen today is that… my GF was bored and I recommended her to do a SD Sangokuden Kit Cao Pi Gundam… At this point, she said “Gunbra” instead of gunpla…

While I’m typing this post, she is trying to justify why she think “Gunbra = Gunpla”. This term is inspired by a photo of Gundams’ chest size comparison and the unclear pronounciation of the Japanese term. Anyway, she is trying to be funny to me and the readers. By the way this is the first “Gunbra” that she was building this afternoon.

Gunbra 01, SD Sangokuden Cao Pi Gundam

Bandai SD Sangokuden Gundam Model Cao Pi Gundam
SD Sangokuden Cao Pi Gundam

Bandai SD Sangokuden Gundam Model Cao Pi Gundam
Cao Pi Gundam’s front view

Bandai SD Sangokuden Gundam Model Cao Pi Gundam
Cao Pi Gundam’s back view

Done! But I didn’t take the in between process though. It took around 2 hours for her, not bad as a first timer. Now I wonder when will she have the mood to continue with the painting. It’s such a fantastic hobby. Even if you’re new to plastic scale models, you’re likely to get into this very rapidly. It’s so simple – whether you’re used to snapping K’Nex together or the covers onto the latest O2uk Mobile Phones, you’re going to take to this like a duck to water, and so has she.

SD Zaku Warrior Sneak peek

SD Zaku Warrior
Lately I continued my long abandoned SD Zaku Warrior Project, will make a post about this gunpla later on. Took a macro shot of the Zaku and I love this photo very much. (despite the ultra obvious uneven surface, dust and badly done paint job lol). For bigger size, click on the Zaku and you will get to see all the dust. Love my Panasonic Lumix LX-3!

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  • moemoekyun

    gundam + bra = gunbra
    gundam + plastic = gunpla
    make sense for me lol since the gundam wear bra ^^;;

  • B-Mecha

    You are fast! If you consider chest armor as bra… then there is a reason to call them gunbra lol.

  • chubbybots

    lol gunbra :D First in the world this new term!!

    I loved your zaku man!!! Somehow the uneven surface makes it look rugged. Look forward to the post on it ^^

    Indeed long time no see haha!

  • AstrayP03

    LOL! imagine that! A bra with gunz… xD

  • B-Mecha

    It is my first gunpla with water decal :D But i din paint certain details yet… too small and lack of confident.

    We have seen Breast Missile. Bra with Gun is just small case ;)

  • Gunstray

    Gunbra+Mecha musume=QB chest armorI like this term^^

  • rockleelotus

    lol gunbra, even robots need bras for support XD

    nice job, did she enjoy making her gunbra? ^^

  • B-Mecha

    *Attach Breast Missile Launcher*

    Not bad I guess. Now I’m trying to ask her for the painting process. Will make WIP post for that :D

  • h4mster

    I kinda agree with your girlfriend

  • divinelight

    Sangokuden’s Gundam seems more detail than normal Gundams, but for some reason I don’t really like SD, too little…
    Will Bandai some day release HG Sangokuden later…

  • B-Mecha


    Maybe, since Sangokuden is quite popular. But I think they will release shin musha MKII first…