Revoltech Enki, Enkidu and Enkidudu!

July 27th, 2009

Recently I made a lightbox for my indoor toy photoshoot. But somehow the lighting is a bit dim so I was having hard time with it. After some twist on the diffuser and the white balance I managed to get things right. As i mentioned on twitter, here are the Revoltech Enki group photos! Trying to pose them with the “bad ass” look kekekeke. Upon mastering the art of “toy photoshoot,” I will try to do it once more but this time, with my newly bought Bakugan toys. For some reason, I find it interesting whenever I take photos of my toys. I guess this is my way of bring them into life. In some way, it also brings back good memories of my childhood! That was quite cheesy. By the way, since I want to improve my skills, comments and critics are welcome.

*Updated: Swapped the Enki photos with black background version.

Meet Enki, Enkidu and Enkidudu!

Revoltech Enki, Enkidu and Enkidudu group photo

Enkidu (left), Enkidudu (middle) and Enki (right).

Revoltech Enki, Enkidu and Enkidudu group photo

Enkidudu: Why so serious?

Individual shots

Revoltech Enki, Enkidu and Enkidudu group photo

My favourite among 3 Enki. The samurai design is very interesting.

Revoltech Enki, Enkidu and Enkidudu group photo

Enkidu is the funniest gunmen besides Gurren. It matches Gurren perfectly as comedian partner LOL.

Revoltech Enki, Enkidu and Enkidudu group photo

Enkidudu, the 4-arm gunmen with 4 katana. One of my proud Revoltech limited edition (and it cost me a lot =__=). It looks awesome so I’ll close one eye for the price.

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  • goldfries

    ouh i seem to be a regular at your place now.

    btw i think it’s not a good choice to use that green background.

    i suggest you use a darker background because the guys are white, it reflects the green so well that they don’t look as appealing.

  • B-Mecha

    @goldfries yea i noticed that too >__< i'll get another card board and reshoot it. maybe brown or dark green. Maybe tomorrow i'll swap the photos.

  • whipcracker

    Maybe Enkidudu has to do a DOO DOO, lol :) Have just now started to see these Revoltechs on other peoples sites. Thet’re sure are different looking,desu ka?

  • goldfries

    i think don’t use brown also, because it wouldn’t highlight the Enki-DUDES’ brown area.

    i suggest black or dark blue (like the one on this site), or even dark. purple. maroon might work well too.

    if you can, adjust the blades to it reflect some light. :D i think it’ll be cool.

  • Gunstray

    F_CK I thought the enkidudus were cancelled. Now I want my LOST Enkidudu Back!!

    Nice BTW^^

  • razrig

    1 enki is nor renought for u??… huhuhu … where’s kamiya guren?.. ^_^

  • Snark

    Fucking hell, now I’m kicking myself over not buying Enki! >_<

  • B-Mecha

    Did a reshoot and swapped the photo. I like the quality with black background.

    @Gunstray: Enkidudu turns out to be a limited edition that can only order through the magazine last time.

    @razrig: all of them are different. u will notice if u watched gurren lagann ;)

    @Snark: dont worry, Enki is available in many toy stores. check it out?

  • AJ

    Where did you get enkidudu and how much was he? Also, Would you ever consider selling yours?

  • B-Mecha

    hi AJ, My friend bought me the Enkidudu from Hong Kong, cost about USD60. I would want him to be part of my revoltech collection :).

  • AJ

    Thanks much for the info. If you ever possibly sell it(slim chance, I know), I would seriously offer $100+ for it.

  • Archie

    Does Enkidu have holes under his arms so that you can insert another pair of arms underneath it to make it look like Enkidudu? Only Enki and Enkidu are available in my store so I was thinking if I get the two, I can make my own Enkidudu by sticking Enki’s arms underneath Enkidu’s arms.

  • B-Mecha

    @AJ: Thanks for offer but I would like it to be part of my Gurren Lagann series.

    @Archie: Nope. There are no extra holes to insert another pair of arms. You can try to mod it but the result might not be good.

  • darthnatus

    Like the first gurren lagann