SD Robot Toy! ES Gokin 01: GoShogun (Macron 1)

July 4th, 2009

Fewture Models, the famous die-cast robot toymaker is having a new die-cast robot figurine series – ES Gokin! Unlike EX Gokin, instead of a full body size mecha, ES Gokin focus on building quality SD Mechas especially the classic Super Robots. This is a great news for a SD mecha fan like me, where SD Super Robots figurines are hard to get.

For the first model, it will be ES Gokin 01 – GoShogun (Macron 1), a famous classic robot around 20 years ago. It will be release together with ES Gokin 02 – Kotetsu Jeeg (Steel Jeeg) around end of September 2009. Although the pre-order is closed for most shops but I’ll definitely look around if there is any extra stocks, hopes that is any >__<.

Images of ES Gokin 01 – GoShogun

ES Gokin 01: SD GoShogun (Macron 1) with weapon set

There are quite a few accessories for GoShogun.

ES Gokin 01: SD GoShogun (Macron 1) main body

GoShogun is around 18cm height, quite big as a SD Mecha.

Weapons that included in ES Gokin 01: SD GoShogun (Macron 1)

The weapons & hands.

ES Gokin 01: SD GoShogun (Macron 1) with go saber
ES Gokin 01: SD GoShogun (Macron 1) with go stake
ES Gokin 01: SD GoShogun (Macron 1) go flasher move

Go Flasshhheerr!!!

ES Gokin 01: SD GoShogun (Macron 1) units
ES Gokin 01: SD GoShogun (Macron 1) mini mecha

SD GoShogun (Macron 1) in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3

As the end of introductions, have fun watching the SD GoShogun’s battle moves in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3. Who said SD Mecha can’t be cool & awesome?

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  • samejima

    Ah… I’ve seen this at HLJ with a price that’s not affordable for a SD version. I’ve already seen the anime during my childhood days when my mom recorded it in beta for me.. and just love the mech even in SRW games too.

    Btw, mind exchanging links? done listing your site to mine. thx. :B

  • B-Mecha

    @Samejima: i only watched 1 or 2 episode and i encounter goshogun mostly on SRW. Thank you for the link exchange, I added your site as well :D

  • samejima

    @B-mecha: But I don’t remember watching the complete show too but currently downloading the show since I want to know the story.. No problem.. we both love mecha stuffs anyway. XB