Tachikoma + Sushi!

August 30th, 2009

Yesterday while I was waiting for my friend, I brought the Tachikoma 3 brothers to a famous sushi restaurant in Singapore. Beaten my desire for food, I actually ordered too much for a tea time… A mini Chasoba, Aburi Maguro sushi (tuna), Lobster Salad Sushi, Cheese Salmon Sushi and a cup of green tea. Upon the arrival of the sushis, the tachikomans get so excited and jumping around to “investigate” my meal.

tachikoma + sushi

Tachikomas: Whee~~ Sushi da~~

tachikoma + sushi

Tachikoma-Blue: This is the Aburi Maguro sushi =D

tachikoma + sushi

Tachikoma-Red: Listen! We gonna share this Lobster Salad Sushi. I’ll go to look around, make sure you keep one for me!

Tachikoma-Mili: *slurrr* Okay…

tachikoma + sushi

Tachikoma-Blue: Soya Source is a must for sushi!

tachikoma + sushi

Tachikoma-Red: Interesting… the portion of cheese and salmon is just good and balance… *mumble mumble*

tachikoma + sushi

Tachikoma-Mili: Quick! Let’s finish them!*eat eat*

OMG… While I’m writing this post the sushi cravings come to me again…Arghgghhgg budget low….

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  • http://taikutsuremedy.blogspot.com/ Snark

    lol! This was mindfuckingly adorable XD

  • http://razrig.wordpress.com Razrig

    dont eat sushi much … but would like to try the Tachikoma brother huhuhu ^^

  • http://www.bmecha.com B-Mecha

    @Snark: I missed the opportunity to gather a group of tachikoma army :(. else there will be more of them and no sushi for me.

    @Razrig: I seldom have sushi, no worry and please dont eat my tachikomas! xD

  • http://www.generationmechjournal.com GenMechJournal


    That’s a great selection of sushi food you got there! Very mouth watering.

    Would love to find out the recipes how these are made. I love to cook! Recently learned to cook maki sushi. They’re fabulous!!^^

  • http://www.bmecha.com B-Mecha

    @GenMechJournal: those are few unique sushi in the singapore sushi restaurant. I’m kinda picky with food quality so these are the “elites” that I love.

    I believe sushi is not that hard to make. for the cheese salmon sushi as example, as per normal salmon sushi, put a slice of cheese on top and slightly burn it with fire (I saw the stuff holding a flame gun thingy).