Broken Blade Anime Trailer and Dirfinge Plastic Kit

December 10th, 2009

Continue from previous post, I mentioned that Broken Blade (a.k.a. Break Blade) is going to release its 6-episode OVA series in 2010. For now I have found these videos that tell a bit of the anime OVA. Although the anime trailer is quite short but the golem fight scene is impressive.

Broken Blade (Break Blade) Anime Trailer

Overview of the story with some Dirfinge vs Artemis fighting scenes.

The problem / thoughts of each main character: Rygart Arrow, Sigyn Erster, Zess and Hodr.

Dirfinge Plastic Kit by Kotobukiya

According to GA Graphic’s site, Kotobukiya is going to release Dirfinge plastic kit. Although I’m not a big fans of Dirfinge, but its coloured prototype seems attractive. Perhaps I should look forward to Dirfinge’s heavy armor version

Kotobukiya 1/60 Dirfinge - Broken Blade (Break Blade)
Kotobukiya 1/60 Dirfinge - Broken Blade (Break Blade)
Kotobukiya 1/60 Dirfinge - Broken Blade (Break Blade)
Kotobukiya 1/60 Dirfinge - Broken Blade (Break Blade)

Scale: 1/60 | Height: 165mm | Release Date: 2010 May| Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Images taken from GA Graphic site.

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  • Gunstray

    If the plamo comes with a cape, then Im deffinitely getting this guy. Fighting action looks beaut too

  • deadguy

    Cute Girls + Production I.G. + Mecha = Win

  • chubbybots

    Some how the back of the mech reminds me of Arbalest from full metal panic :) The fighting scene looks good ^^ Looks like a promising start for mecha anime next year!

  • B-Mecha

    @Gunstray: Cape… I don’t think so. But later they should have Dirfinge heavy armor version.

    @deadguy: Definitely.

    @chubbybots: maybe because of the rear and shoulder armor. I need more good mecha fights to roar. The fighting scenes in manga is quite awesome.

  • moemoekyun

    crap i’m fallen with mecha that wielding big sword

  • bluedrakon

    I have this on my watch list. I agree with chubbybots as it has a similar look of Full Metal Panic.

  • BD77

    Kotobukiya… I just they have improve material wise… Other than that, their detailing skills are excellent.
    *looks at his Daizengar and WildRaubtier*

  • BD77

    Dang it. Left the word “hope”.

  • h4mster

    wow, this mecha would be a good alternative to avoid boredom in building gunplas:D

  • B-Mecha

    @moemoekyun: Me too, now I miss Dann of Thursday…

    @bluedrakon: ^^ Any plan to get the Revoltech Arbalest?

    @BD77: I haven’t do any kotobukiya plamo kit before. From what E see of the 2 SRW kit in my collection… the parts are a little bit too thin and fragile.

    @h4mster: You should try SRW series too.

  • rockleelotus

    nice looking mech. the anime looks to be cool, liking the animation. i will have to give the manga a try before this comes out, thanks for the heads up ^^