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Eureka Seven – Pocket Full Of Rainbows Review

Eureka Seven Movie's Music Collection Cover

3 years after Eureka Seven TV series end, Bones released Eureka Seven – Pocket Full Of Rainbows (a.k.a Eureka Seven the movie) with a new concept and storyline. I just finished watching it not long ago and it is a great movie! As a great fan of Eureka Seven, I have decided to write a short review and share some of my thoughts. Before I start the review, please watch the trailer below if you haven’t seen one :)

Eureka Seven- Pocket Full Of Rainbows Trailer

Overview Eureka Seven – Pocket Full Of Rainbows

Since it is based on a new concept and storyline, it is very different from the TV series. The whole story mostly focus on the interaction between Eureka and Renton, where they know each other since childhood, how they were separated, meet each other again and fall in love. There isn’t much footage and appearance for the sub characters, so fans of them might be disappointed.

Eureka & Renton's Childhood
Eureka & Renton’s Childhood.

Unlike the TV series, the movie don’t have much friendly interaction between Gekko State and Renton & Eureka but instead you get to see a lot of negative emotions, especially anger, doubt and desperation. If you watched the TV series, you will be shocked by how they changed some of the characters’ personality.

The storyline and concept is okay, but I can’t really understand the 4th quarter of the movie. If you watched the movie, hopefully we can exchange some thoughts about it.

Things I like about this movie

Fans of Eureka will be really happy for this (me too!). TV series portray Eureka as a girl that doesn’t know how to show emotions, but in the movie, Eureka becomes a lovely and sentimental girl. There are a lot of lovely scenes between Eureka and Renton, which makes her cute, naturally. She even has a new long hair look in the movie!!! In otaku term, she is MOE!!!

Eureka & Renton
Eureka with long hair is very beautiful, but I love her better with short hair.

There are 2 new faces, Nirvash & The End in fairy form (chibi form). They are so cute!!! Through out the movie both of them are making cute sounds like “Mukyouu, Kyouuu” and behaving like a pet with Renton and Eureka.

Nirvash & The End in Eureka Seven Movie
Nirvash and The End’s fairy form. They fight each other in this form, and “Mukyoou Mukyouuu”.

The Mechas

For the mecha, there isn’t much difference from the TV series. The outstanding ones are Nirvash’s new Spec 3 design and Holland’s Devil Fish. Both Nirvash and Devil Fish are equipped with some new system and weapons, which gives some new excitement for the movie. Too bad The End doesn’t appear as a mecha in this movie.

Grey colour Nirvash in the movie
There is a grey colour Nirvash at the starting of the movie.


The movie is great, but I would advise Eureka Seven’s fans to watch it as an alternative story instead of relating it with the TV series. There are a few parts that disappoints me , like “borrowing” the battle footage from the TV series, and movie’s picture quality wasn’t as good compared with others. But overall, I enjoyed the movie :D. Eureka ish love <3. The images used in this review are from the movie and the Eureka Seven official site.