Eureka Seven – Pocket Full Of Rainbows Review

July 4th, 2009

Eureka Seven Movie's Music Collection Cover

3 years after Eureka Seven TV series end, Bones released Eureka Seven – Pocket Full Of Rainbows (a.k.a Eureka Seven the movie) with a new concept and storyline. I just finished watching it not long ago and it is a great movie! As a great fan of Eureka Seven, I have decided to write a short review and share some of my thoughts. Before I start the review, please watch the trailer below if you haven’t seen one :)

Eureka Seven- Pocket Full Of Rainbows Trailer

Overview Eureka Seven – Pocket Full Of Rainbows

Since it is based on a new concept and storyline, it is very different from the TV series. The whole story mostly focus on the interaction between Eureka and Renton, where they know each other since childhood, how they were separated, meet each other again and fall in love. There isn’t much footage and appearance for the sub characters, so fans of them might be disappointed.

Eureka & Renton's Childhood
Eureka & Renton’s Childhood.

Unlike the TV series, the movie don’t have much friendly interaction between Gekko State and Renton & Eureka but instead you get to see a lot of negative emotions, especially anger, doubt and desperation. If you watched the TV series, you will be shocked by how they changed some of the characters’ personality.

The storyline and concept is okay, but I can’t really understand the 4th quarter of the movie. If you watched the movie, hopefully we can exchange some thoughts about it.

Things I like about this movie

Fans of Eureka will be really happy for this (me too!). TV series portray Eureka as a girl that doesn’t know how to show emotions, but in the movie, Eureka becomes a lovely and sentimental girl. There are a lot of lovely scenes between Eureka and Renton, which makes her cute, naturally. She even has a new long hair look in the movie!!! In otaku term, she is MOE!!!

Eureka & Renton
Eureka with long hair is very beautiful, but I love her better with short hair.

There are 2 new faces, Nirvash & The End in fairy form (chibi form). They are so cute!!! Through out the movie both of them are making cute sounds like “Mukyouu, Kyouuu” and behaving like a pet with Renton and Eureka.

Nirvash & The End in Eureka Seven Movie
Nirvash and The End’s fairy form. They fight each other in this form, and “Mukyoou Mukyouuu”.

The Mechas

For the mecha, there isn’t much difference from the TV series. The outstanding ones are Nirvash’s new Spec 3 design and Holland’s Devil Fish. Both Nirvash and Devil Fish are equipped with some new system and weapons, which gives some new excitement for the movie. Too bad The End doesn’t appear as a mecha in this movie.

Grey colour Nirvash in the movie
There is a grey colour Nirvash at the starting of the movie.


The movie is great, but I would advise Eureka Seven’s fans to watch it as an alternative story instead of relating it with the TV series. There are a few parts that disappoints me , like “borrowing” the battle footage from the TV series, and movie’s picture quality wasn’t as good compared with others. But overall, I enjoyed the movie :D. Eureka ish love <3. The images used in this review are from the movie and the Eureka Seven official site.

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  • razrig

    the movie doesnt continou from the tv series?? .. another alternative story line… that sux… ~_~

  • JJrZ

    Heres what i think happened at the end

    *Spoilers for anyone who hasnt seen the movie yet*

    The ending of the movie confused me too until i rewatched it again.

    I think that Eureka and Renton remade the whole world into their ideal world; they are not in neverland but they changed the world into neverland.

    Remember when Renton’s sister said that the 7 test subjects (anemone, eureka) had subatomic powers that could change reality and also Dominic’s last words to Renton were to go and reach for it, dont wait but make it (something like that). Nirvash disappearing and Eureka’s inablitiy to talk was due to the fact that Renton and Eureka erased the Image off their world, which then erased Anemone and Nirvash. But why didn’t it erase Eureka? Well Renton probably wished for Eureka to become human, hence the lost of speech and long hair; basically she had a rebirth.

    And lastly they wished to go on the hill where they promised their teacher they would watch over it.

    I don’t know if this is right or wrong but this is my take on the ending. I also heard a rumor that they are going to either make a sequel to the movie or make another series.

    PS: sorry for my bad spelling / grammer

  • B-Mecha

    @razrig the story is ok, just a little bit emo. if u love to see Eureka this is a must watch movie!

    @JJrZ ur english is fine, at least better than mine :).

    I see, that’s why Anemone and Nirvash disappeared. I guess Renton loves Eureka with better body figure, long hair and speak less? XD. Overall it should be a happy ending. But at the end I wonder is there any change to Gekko State’s conditon…

  • Blekk101

    i loved the series (watched it twice)and this movie was really good. though you do have to kinda forget about everything you know from the show except one part! when Holland and the other’s see that “other world” with the carved moon and ring around it; that reminded me of the series when, in episode 50, Gonzy says “we will try and evolve in another space” i’m pretty sure this is the other universe in the movie that they are going to. i mean the only thing that backs this up is the carved moon with the heart and the alien invaders doing the same things that the coralians did 10,000 years ago in the series universe.
    @JJrZ: i agree with the Eureka being reborn thing and the reason she didn’t disappear was maybe because of the wish she made on that flower thing in the beginning. i dunno that’s my guess.
    also i like Eureka’s personality more in this movie :P

  • B-Mecha

    @Blekk101 yay another eureka fan!

    I like the idea of “coralian moves into this alternative universe”. so when holland’s group tried to “recreate” the world, they are actually merging the old world with the one in the movie?

    hopefully they will make another movie base on Anemone and Dominic too.

  • Blekk101

    B-Mecha: ahah yeah i’m tempted to watch it again after seeing the movie since i have a broken leg :(

    but no i don’t think they were trying to “merge” per se but rather get to neverland. though i think they were just being naive 17 year olds thinking this was a promised land. the way i see it they were just trying to find some way to change their hastened deaths.

    ahah and too be honest i doubt they would be able to go very far with Dominic and Anemone, i mean they could go as far with Renton and Eureka.

  • michan

    i really loved this movie even though there are alot of sites with reviews about this movie saying things like: this totally sucks because it doesnt have anything to do with the movie! and all that bullcrap, but this movie really touched me even though its an alternate dimension it also made me understand more of some things that happened in the actual series, i really recommend you this AWESOM movie :D

  • B-Mecha

    @Blekk101: O_o oh no what happen to ur leg? better rest more and watch more anime. I hope that Anemone gets more attention if there is any new eureka 7 movie/tv series.

    @michan: glad that u loves it. maybe compare to the tv series which is more hardwarming, the concept of the movie makes it hard to accept. try the tv series also and u will get more touching scene from other characters, especially Anemone.

  • Blekk101

    haha well if you must know i was playing full contact duck-duck-goose at a surprise party and twisted my leg and ankle popped out of socket and all this nasty stuff. no i am not 12 :P
    i recommend this movie but not duck-duck-goose!

  • B-Mecha

    hahah i doubt i want to play duck-duck-goose. my legs are pain after playing football XD. i’m getting more anime, will recommend some nice mecha anime soon :D

  • Fabio Salazar

    Great I like your review…its very objetive…I got a lot of bad comments to the movie, I just did not know if the movie was that bad, but I gave it a try…I loved it it was awesome…As you recommend here…I was warned that it didn’t follow the storyline so I just watched it as a whole new story…Since I already had seen the series, It was not that hard to get the idea of the roles, which also made the movie to have less blabalbla and more action since roles were already stablished in the series just mixed up and some other new things in the movie… *spoilers*!!!!!I was just like wao and ºOº and XD jajaja Happ opened his eyes…and i was also exited when eureka pointed the gun onto anemone’s head… I was just like OMG Eureka is crazy yeaaahh!! and “Dominic sensei” just hilarious…

    Thanks for the review, and I really really recommend watching the movie (without specting the original storyline just trying to enjoy) because its great

  • B-Mecha

    =) glad that u like it. when i write review, i’ll try to suggest some certain point of view so the reader able to enjoy the show. rather than bashing and criticizing it.

    Occasionally I’ll rewatch certain episodes of eureka seven too. just like how i rewatch gundam seed and some other animes.

  • animefan223

    lol one of my faveorite eps is 38 caz holland almost “killed” renton! XD and neither eureka nor renton knew whats gidget and happ were trying to teach them! XD and i also like the ep 50.