Gundam Unicorn (UC) Anime Episode 2 New Trailer

July 21st, 2010

Here is a updated trailer for the Gundam Unicorn (UC) Anime Episode 2 – Red Comet. This one is a clearer, sharper well edited trailer :D. Red Comet approaching with 3x speed!, Why can’t the movie approach us with 3x speed as well?

Gundam Unicorn Episode 2 The Red Comet PV1 (new)

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  • bd77

    This really makes me itching to get the HGUC Sinanju (when it comes out). Delicious PV is delicious(?). Oozing with MS combat goodness, with a dash of beams.

  • chubbybots

    Hmm why i get the feeling it is char lol…even the voice actor is the same!

  • bd77

    @chubby: dude, it IS him well, a clone but still HIM nonetheless.

  • rndm

    @chubbs: As bd said, he is somewhat a clone of Char. Not a complete clone but something close to that. Saying more will likely spoil the whole point of the next episode. ^^;

    Anyways, can’t wait for the episode 2 as well as the HGUC Sinanju… hopefully it won’t be released too close to September. :X

  • B-Mecha

    @chubb: maskman never die, just like the one in Gundam Wing

    @bd: LOL SPOILER!

    @rndm: I believe earliest will be september.

  • Aya

    agreed in every gundam series the masked man never die…..

  • hiroy_raind

    agreed in every gundam series the masked man never dieā€¦..
    >> G Gundam & F91 says otherwise.

  • Syful

    I never even watch any gundam series… EVER

  • MaftyNavue

    uhuu… I want to watch this soon!!! and prepare for MG ReZEL!! hahahaha..

  • B-Mecha

    @aya: all hail maskmen!

    @hiroy_raind: hmmm yea… G gundam a bit different but the big flower mask guy actually died…

    @Syful: you should, and unicorn will be the great one.

    @Mafty Navue: my hguc rezel still Rest-In-Box…

  • Anonymous

    I refer you to Carrozo Ronah of F91(died), Schwarz Bruder of G Gundam(died), and Rau leCreuset of Gundam Seed(died)