Gundam Unicorn (UC) Anime Episode 2 Trailer

June 24th, 2010

I believe most of’s visitors watched the stunning Gundam anime – Gundam Unicorn (UC) episode 1 not long ago. While we are waiting with excitement for the new release, there is a trailer of episode 2 – The Red Comet come together with the Blue-Ray disk of episode one. Full Frontal and Shinanju appeared in the new trailer! Go Red Comet Go!

Anime Gundam Unicorn (UC) Episode 2 - Red Comet Trailer
Sinanju <3

Gundam Unicorn Episode 2 The Red Comet New Trailer (Long version)

Update! Got another trailer (long version) with better quality, Sinanju VS ReZEL and Gundam Unicorn VS Geara Zulu battle footage!
>>> Gundam Unicorn (UC) Anime Episode 2 New Trailer

Gundam Unicorn Episode 2 The Red Comet PV1

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  • Gunstray

    I havent seen such thruster spam since, stardust memories. And meet the new face of awesomeness along with his golden locks of manliness^^


  • B-Mecha

    @Gunstray: Mask Man is the symbol of myterious bad guy in anime history!

  • AstrayP03

    I can’t wait!!! :D

  • chubbybots

    Haha hopefully by the time this one comes out all the kit for ep 1 got discount :D Stark Jegan at $25 will sound nice haha!

  • B-Mecha

    @AstrayP03: Even my GF is bugging me for the release. Always ask me “”is it out yet?”

    @Chubb: Exactly! I’m waiting price drop for ReZEL, both version of Unicorn so I can get them.

  • Marzz

    Woot! Can’t wait for this!

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  • MaftyNavue

    Woah nice.. maybe after this HG 1/144 Sinanju hahaha..

    or.. MG 1/100 Delta Plus?