Human betrayed Optimus Prime! Transformers 3 Trailer 2011 #2

April 29th, 2011

Human betrayed Optimus Prime! Transformers 3 Trailer 2011 #2

New Transformers 3 Dark side of Moon Movie Trailer 2011! This time there are much more explanation on the story and battle footages. So far we have seen Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Shockwave and other unknown Transformers. Seems like there gonna be full fledge robot war with space ships!

Human betrayed Optimus Prime! Transformers 3 Trailer 2011 #2

New Decepticon - Shockwave - Transformers 3 Trailer 2011 #2

Let’s wait until July and see Optimus Prime & Sentinel Prime kick assess again in big screen. =D

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  • Leon Agus Tandiono

     Woah seems nice, but unfortunately Transformer seems not going into my country, cause they have a problem with the distributor. Hopefully they can solve the problem as soon as possible..

  • MaftyNavue

     whoopss, sorry wrong ID

  • Tim Peralez

    bay is a dick why did he make megan fox and bumblee bee a couple, is that a hint to question gay marriage or inner species marriage. So bay are you a homophobe or do you like beastility porn. This guy might be a hitler/naplionic guy. Wtf is he smoking big twisted war with many levels. wow Bay you are real tweaker .

    By: Warner Bros Staff…………….

  • Kent Montgomery

    Warner Bros release…………….

    Bumblee Bee and Megan fox are together , very brief scenes with megan fox and bumble bee as they eloped.

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