Macbots! Transform and Destroy the PCepticons!

July 22nd, 2009


LOL This is so much fun, if you know about the Mac VS PC thing. However this team did a great 3D video to “visualize” the war! The computers transform into robots and kick balls! XD I love that scene… Have some fun with the video =D

Mac VS PC Video

LOL Metal Balls and Mac’s Shuriken!!! *ROFL*

Mac VS PC2 Trailer

According to the creator’s website, episode 2 is coming soon. Check out the site here and watch the hi res mov version of episode 1 too. =D

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  • Snark

    5 bucks says the PCs ultimately win

  • Gunstray

    Ill top that, 50 bucks just to see PC raep Mac

  • Razrig

    PC & Mac Shitstorm hahaha

  • B-Mecha

    D: i want to bet on PC too.

  • blur

    lol@sending “pwnage.exe”

    Mac’s too expensive for me. But would love to own one… someday. Probably need a lottery win. -.-“

  • Kenutsu

    I’d say PC, no buts ;D