Marvel Iron Man Anime Series Opening Video

October 2nd, 2010

Marvel Iron Man Anime Series Opening Video
Anyone remember previously I wrote a post about Iron Man Anime Teaser? I just found the Iron Man anime series opening video (big thanks to my facebook friends). It is surprisingly good and there is no awkward feeling of the character design (especially the girls). However I’m not so sure about the dub (Hopefully not Japanese dub? errr…..). And yes, it is a high quality animation by japan production house.

Iron Man Anime (Series) Opening HQ HD

About the storyline, as I heard it adapts the Marvel Comic Iron Man and make it into a 12 episodes anime. The production house is MADHOUSE studio :)

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  • http://www.gunplaaddict, syful

    Seriously??? the opening soundtrack is typically american… but wow…

  • B-Mecha

    Yes. 12 Episodes :D. I don’t really like the op music either XD

  • AstrayP03

    looks sweet! when is it out?

  • zoidiect



  • LEon

    WHo’s Ironman facing off with on the last part of the video?

  • Aya

    Hmm looking forward for this :)

  • B-Mecha

    @AstrayP03: No idea. Soon I guess.

    @LEon: looks like MK IV VS MK III

    @Aya: Me too. We always need something good to watch :D

  • divinelight

    The characters are really wester-like animation.

    well, the battle is great, because they are rendered in 3d. I think I’ll watch this.

  • heathorn

    this anime is nice, I like how tony looks in anime version
    12 episode, so each episode ironman will kill one zodiac member