Marvel Iron Man 2 Official Trailer is out!

December 19th, 2009

Just a short and simple post, Iron Man 2 Official Trailer is out! Tony Stark rocks! This will be a must watch movie for 2010 =D.

Marvel Iron Man 2 Official Trailer

I did not follow Iron Man comic so Iron Man’s story is pretty new to me. I prefer not to read the comic so I can have better impression for the movie. However… Iron Man is more like a star than a super hero =) and the enemy this time looks kind of psycho =O, but the 2 whips are pretty impressive.

Marvel Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer - Iron Man and War Machine

Most importantly, War Machine x Iron Man is something I really look forward to =D

Today’s Loot

I just picked up Sonsoku Gundam, Revoltech Arbalest and Nendoroid Drossel. I’m rushing now so the reviews will come later. =D

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  • moemoekyun

    this what I am waiting for XD
    what still wait for 4 month T_T

  • bluedrakon

    This looks to be pretty good. With War Machine, it should be interesting

  • h4mster

    definitely must watch! two iron man huh…I guess there will be a new iron man figures released by Hot Toys :D

  • B-Mecha

    @moemoekyun: count down 4 months zzzzz…

    @bluedrakon: I wish the enemy can put up a decent fight else it will be boring.

    @h4mster: As expected. A group of fans + toy manufacturer = a bunch of toys.