New Mazinger Anime! Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull)!

July 7th, 2010

While Shin Mazinger Z and the Big Bang Punch slowly cool down in our mind, Nagai Go gave us a new surprise! It is a new Mazinger Anime – Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull)! Just stumbled the trailer and the info not long ago (yes I’m a slow poke :P) but anyway, good thing is meant to be shared. Enjoy the teaser!

Update on Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull) Anime

I just bought the Mazinkaiser SKL starter pack which includes the anime and the Bandai Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaizer SKL. More info in my anime review post.

Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull) Anime 3 Minutes Teaser / Promotion Video

Hmm interesting… the new Mazinkaiser SKL seems to have 2 pilots (or double personality?). Would it be something like Gear Fighter Dendoh? Unlike the 2 kids, both Mazinkaiser’s pilot are pretty violent ^^;; So far there is no sign that this is the sequel of Shin Mazinger Z, so don’t expect it to be for the moment ;)

Mazinkaiser SKL Official Art

New Mazinger Anime - Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull) Official Art
New Mazinger Anime - Mazinkaiser SKL (Skull) Official Art

D: There is really a skull in Mazinkaiser SKL’s head. Don’t tell me the pilots can be seen from the skull’s eye =.= Overall I felt that it resembles Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann… Maybe it is the chest plate design. What do you think of the new design?

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