A Day of Zaku – ep 2 – Breakfast beside the river

July 12th, 2010

These photos were taken few days ago, where I reached my office early and there is no one open the door. So I got myself a place near the entrance and enjoy my coffee with Zaku, while staring at the Singapore river.

Zaku @ Breakfast

2 standard equipments for the morning, my favourite Coffee-C (it means coffee with fresh milk) and the free myPaper.
A Day of Zaku - Zaku @ Breakfast
Me: Yes our colleagues are late again…

A Day of Zaku - Zaku @ Breakfast
Me: Make sure you don’t poop else I’ll make you swim all the way to Integrated Resorts.

While I was enjoying the coffee and the newspaper, Zaku found something interesting…
A Day of Zaku - Zaku @ Breakfast
Me: Ramen is good but Bazooka is a no no. I don’t want you to blow up my toilet.

They don’t give personal loan to MS anyway.

45 minutes later…

A Day of Zaku - Zaku @ Breakfast
Me: Thanks to world cup. Maybe I should sleep more next time.

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  • http://www.marzzgunpla.wordpress.com Marzz

    Lol, late because of world cup. I wanted to watch it too, but couldn’t wake up. = =

  • http://bd77.wordpress.com bd

    LOL. Of course you feel warm, you little purple MS. You’re sitting ON a hot cup of coffee~! XD

    Dang, just a sitting pose and he looks cute. It makes any feddie pilot think twice of chasing him.

    TK401 & TK402: Awwww…
    TK221: Whut? <SEED-era pilot

  • http://gunstray.blogspot.com/ Gunstray

    Marzz >> I hear yah Marzz, I hear ya, and buy was it disapointing to lose 3 times in a row

    Btw first Image, Lil Puru Zaku’s eye looks like its glowing^^

  • http://chubbybots.wordpress.com chubbybots

    Gah!!! Moar Zaku poison!! Just love the cute purple little thingy….

    Lol at the ass is hot caption!

  • http://www.bmecha.com B-Mecha

    @Marzz: My brain shut down whenever i want to watch lol.

    @bd: Seed Era pilot will also said: “so cute <3" with O.o expression

    Gunstray: because the zaku is slight out of focus? xD

    @chubb: @ss steaming lol

  • http://insidemytoybox.wordpress.com/ Aya

    *LOL* HOT @ss.
    very cute Zaku is that keychain ? since i saw hole on his head.

  • http://gunstray.blogspot.com/ Gunstray

    Mechanical beings cannot “poop” for having no real stomach…they can spring a leak though^^;

  • http://heathorn.wordpress.com heathorn

    LOL world cup, some of my colleagues also took leave for the finals.

  • http://2old4anime.blogspot.com bluedrakon

    LOL – warm Zaku Zaku buns!

  • http://www.bmecha.com B-Mecha

    @aya: it is a phone strap, it suppose to attach to your handphone.

    @gunstray: that’s scary enough lol

    @heathorn: well it is over now. muahahha

    @bluedrakon: fire in the hole!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shahnaz-Akarapisan/100002995299162 Shahnaz Akarapisan


  • http://www.bmecha.com B-Mecha

    Hi Shahnaz, glad that you like Zaku! Do you like to build 1?