The Guardian God – SDX Superior Dragon

January 6th, 2010

Just did a photoshoot on my SDX Superior Dragon. This figure amazed me is where the weight is slightly lighter than Soul of Chogokin. The paint job and joint articulation is far superior than normal SD Gundam Models. I would say that I’m very glad to own a few of SDX series since I have bad Gunpla skill… sob sob…

Knight Superior Dragon Background

Quoted from Wikipedia: The guardian god of the Saddrac World. Formed by the fusion of Vessal Knight Gundam and Neo Black Dragon on realizing that they originated from a single being. A reappearing character in the Knight Gundam series.

SD Gundam Gaiden – Knight Superior Dragon Gundam

SDX Superior Dragon with normal swords and shield

Bandai SDX Superior Dragon
It comes with 2 normal swords and sheath (shape of dragon tail).

Bandai SDX Superior Dragon
A stand is included.

Bandai SDX Superior Dragon
Dragon Head Shield =D.

SDX Superior Dragon with Aura Blade

Bandai SDX Superior Dragon
This is the limited edition Aura Blade that exclusive for 1st batch release of SDX Superior Dragon.

Bandai SDX Superior Dragon
The whole body is coated with gold colour and metalic red. The shinny texture rocks =D

Bandai SDX Superior Dragon
There are few pair of different hands for Super Dragon to change.

Bandai SDX Superior Dragon
I love the rainbow particle colour of the Aura Blade.

SDX Superior Dragon with Bow

Bandai SDX Superior Dragon
The dragon head shield can convert into a bow.

Bandai SDX Superior Dragon
Back view of SDX Superior Dragon.

SDX Superior Dragon’s Dragon Mode

Bandai SDX Superior Dragon
Transform into golden dragon mode with a few parts exchange.

Bandai SDX Superior Dragon
Front view of the golden dragon mode.

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  • Jacques

    Woderfully taken photos, even though I don’r really like the ‘bling’ in Superior Dragon. What’s the next few upcoming release for SDX after Superior Dragon?

  • chubbybots

    Sweet pictures of your SDX Dragon :D I never watched the anime before so gonna check it out ^^ Do you also have SDX Satan?

  • B-Mecha

    @Jacques: Thanks. Actually I would prefer the normal metalic gold over the bling bling coating. The next one is Versal Knight (released) and follow by Neo Black Dragon (late feb) and another one.

    @chubbybots: The anime is very hard to find nowdays, but I do have a copy of it. I can pass it to you if u want. I have Full Armor Knight, Satan, Versal and Superior dragon :). Looking for the 1st SDX Knight Gundam though…

  • moemoekyun

    uwoho bling bling SDX gonna like this one

  • h4mster

    The red color is really nice! Makes him looks more charismatic :D
    Loves your photos too man!

  • B-Mecha

    *bling* my eyes XD. Sometimes bling can turn out to be annoying…

    Thanks. I love the red too. It balanced the overall colour scheme else it will be over “bling”

  • rockleelotus

    woah i love the Aura Blade! very cool design and i like the shiny texture too :D

  • Fatalstrikerz

    may i knw where to buy this gundam?? im like so DESPERATE FOR IT!!!!! where to order!??!?! omg… i wan it!! did u paint it all by urself? i mean.. there’s no sticker given?

  • B-Mecha

    This is a Bandai figure series called SDX. It doesn’t require any painting and sticker. I believe many places are out of stock. Try ebay or order from Japan instead.

  • gorjessspazzer

    Finally I have this cool stuff

  • B-Mecha

    Where you bought the superior dragon? is it with the aura blade?

    Glad to see more SD Gundam fans. SDX is too great for SD Fans like me :D