PSP: Gundam Assault Survive Trailer

January 14th, 2010

There are more and more Gundam games on PSP nowdays D: Right after Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus, There is a new game Gundam Assault Survive. Unlike GvG Next Plus, it seems like a team play scenario game instead of versus.


So far we see Gundam F91, Gundam SEED and Gundam OO appeared in the trailer. Overall the game seems fun with character talking and the fast pace Mobile Suite Battles. This game will release on march 18 2009, time to dig more gold from the ground.

PSP: Gundam Assault Survive game title and box art

PSP Gundam Assault Survive game
PSP Gundam Assault Survive game

One of the blogger Gundam Guy wrote a very detailed introduction on Gundam Assault Survive. Click here to visit his post.

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  • moemoekyun

    unfortunately I don’ have PSP >_<;

  • AstrayP03

    I am SOOO getting this game :D

  • Razrig

    MUST HAVE!!!!!!!

  • B-Mecha

    Think of it as a good thing. At least you don’t spend more money on game console :D

    @AstrayP03 & Razrig:
    Yea! The scenario mode seems fun!

  • divinelight

    too bad moe-kun, just buy a PSP then ^^
    I’m collecting all Gundam games from XBOX360 and Wii, but only have Gundam vs Gundam in PSP, thinking to get GvGN+ though.

  • B-Mecha

    GvGN+ is better IMO. But I’m a bit bored of versus game and would want to try something like assault survive. It seems like a faster pace version of Senjou no Kisuna

  • blogatoy

    hmmm.. havent played gundam games. I’ll ask my brother get one on his psp >_<

    the preview looks cool :)