Seriously sick

September 10th, 2009

Hi guys, it has been quite a while since I updated this blog. Last few days I was traveling around and now I’m having serious flu. I’m having “fun” of it where my voice affected by the sickness. But don’t worry I (should) recover soon and come back to update with some mecha info. My twitter and facebook will be updated when new post is published. Thanks for your support =D.

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  • Snark

    Ugh, sounds like you’re having it rough >_<

    Nonetheless! Fight the flu! Your health is the health that will pierce the heavens!

  • bluedrakon

    Hope all gets better – my wife caught something as well this week. We think it has to do when she visited my nieces who had the sniffiles

  • blur

    Went to the doctors?
    Safer to get it checked. -.-“

  • willie

    Sick? get well soon yeah.

    Me? I was plain lazy to update my blog. Hahaha

  • Q

    Get well soon mate!

  • George

    Good day

    We saw your blog today. It’s nice! would love to exchange banner with your site. Our site is, an anime figure site. Our traffic is good.


  • B-Mecha

    Thanks everyone~~

    at last, B-Mecha is recovered from the coughing hell. but those who around me are suffering now XD.

    @George: sure, I’ll put up a banner soon. mind to tell me your email so i can keep contact with u? my email is bmecha84[at]yahoo[.]com

  • blur

    Hey man. How’s things going? Hope things are well since you’ve been quiet since recovery.

  • B-Mecha

    @blur: i’m much better, however i’m too lazy thanks to my work. just made a new post, i’ll continue to update this blog so please support me ya :)

  • blur

    You’re BACK! Lol! Cool! Gonna be able to get Mech news again.. ;)