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Amazing Evangelion Wooden Sculpture

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

EVA 01 Wooden Sculpture

OMG, I never ever imagine someone able to make figure with chainsaws D=. It is not normal figure, but EVA 01! This wooden EVA 01 sculpture video is discovered while surfing chubbybots’s post. Special thanks to moemoekyun for sharing this video clip. =D

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B-Mecha @ Anime Festival Asia 2009 Part 4

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

AFA 2009 Other Booths

OMG… This is the 4th post for AFA 2009… Well, There are quite a few booths around so I should briefly write about them. Don’t worry this is the last post of my AFA 2009’s coverage. I didn’t take the photo of the main stage’s event and the cosplayers since my whole attention was on the toy sales and mecha. Please check out other bloggers coverage for things that I had missed.

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