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Art of Gundam Customization, You Can Do It Too

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Gundam Customization - Jaystermaple Custom Raging Fire Ryuubi Gundam

Do you remember I did an interview with Jayster, a Gundam Modeler quite some time ago? Well I’m not surprise if you don’t know, since most of you don’t even know my blog exist. Anyway, although Jayster is not award winning super awesome Gundam Modeler, but I admire his effort to design unique colour scheme, build it and even make Sangokuden stop motion out of it! Check out His latest work – Jaystermaple Custom Raging Fire Ryuubi!

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Interview: Jayster – Gunpla Modeler

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

SD Gundam Sangokuden - Koumei Nu Gundam

To bring some new life to, I had an interview with Jayster, a skillful Gunpla modeler from Singapore. I first saw Jayster’s SD Gundam in forum. As a gunpla fan, his work impressed me especially the effort he spent to colour the details of the SD Gundams. In this interview, Jayster will share with us some of his favourite work and also some Gunpla experience with fellow mecha lovers.

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