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Art of Gundam Customization, You Can Do It Too

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Gundam Customization - Jaystermaple Custom Raging Fire Ryuubi Gundam

Do you remember I did an interview with Jayster, a Gundam Modeler quite some time ago? Well I’m not surprise if you don’t know, since most of you don’t even know my blog exist. Anyway, although Jayster is not award winning super awesome Gundam Modeler, but I admire his effort to design unique colour scheme, build it and even make Sangokuden stop motion out of it! Check out His latest work – Jaystermaple Custom Raging Fire Ryuubi!

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SDX Gundams are back!!! Knight Zeta, Musha, Round Knight!

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Bandai SDX Gundam Knight Zeta at Tamashii 2010 Exhibition
It was quite some a few months that Bandai SDX line didn’t announce any new Gundam… until the Tamashii 2010 Exhibition! The upcoming SDX Gundams after Ryubi are Knight Zeta (with horse), Round Knight, Chouun and one of the Musha general Gundam, which I have no idea how to translate its Japanese Kanji name XD.

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Singapore Gundam Fiesta 2010 part 2

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Bandai Singapore Gundam Fiesta 2010 -  Bandai HGUC 1/144 Delta Plus
Did you guys enjoy the Singapore Gundam Fiesta Image Girls Photos from part 1? Part 2 won’t be showing much girls and I’m gonna put more hot blooded rock solid Gundam Model kits instead ;). I’m eyeing on the HGUC 1/144 Delta Plus and Sinanju. Didn’t take too much Gundam photos since it is more or less covered by other bloggers already.

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Bandai Local SD Gundam Sangokuden Questionnaire

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

As mentioned in the previous post about the Bandai Sangokuden Hang Jebat & Hang Tuah Gundam, now we can participate in the Bandai local adaptation design for SD Gundam Sangokuden Questionnaire. First 50 SMS sender get a free Sangokuden Gundam Model Kit! Go Go Go!

Malaysia Bandai SD Sangokuden Local Design - Hang Jebat and Hang Tuah Gundam

It is a great chance for us to feedback to Bandai for more unique toy release. We can also design official Gundam! let’s contribute our thoughts (and hopefully get a free SD Sangokuden Kit lol).

News via club-gunpla

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Bandai Gundam Kit Promo @ Woodland Metro

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Bandai Gundam Kit Promotion @ Woodland Metro Singapore
Right after work, I had a trip to Singapore Woodland Causeway Point. Why? There is a Gundam Fair on 12 July 2009 – 25 July 2009 inside the Metro @ level 3! if you see the poster… some Bandai MG Gundam kits are up to 20% discount! O.o. Well continue to read this post if you want to know some of the price… and don’t blame me for your overspending lol.

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