B-Mecha Toys Sale @ CSC Toy Realm

August 15th, 2010

Recently I rented a display cabinet at Singapore China Square Central’s Toy Realm. Since I got bunch of toys to clear so I’ll update this post from time to time :D. If the result is good then I’ll continue the rental period and bring in more toys. Check the below list, if you have anything you like, just grab it at there!

Update! Toys for Sale (September 7 2010)

B-Mecha Toy Sales @ China Square Central Toy RealmThis is the old pic, new pic coming soon :P

Kaiyodo Revoltech Getter Dragon Black Version (Hobby Japan Magazine Exclusive)

  • Price: S$100 S$80
  • Condition: MISB
  • Remarks: Pre-Order limited release Hobby Japan Magazine last year. Getter Dragon with Black colour scheme, clothed head, additional 2 hand and a huge Plasma Cannon.

Revoltech Regult

  • Price: S$25
  • Condition: MIB
  • Remarks: Good Enemy unit to accompany your Revoltech Valkyries. It is one of the best paint job and sculpting in Revoltech series!

Kotobukiya Atlion (Super Robot Wars OG)

  • Price: S$25
  • Condition: MISB
  • Remarks: Cheaper than market price. The parts are remain sealed inside the plastic.

Kotobukiya Arblade (Super Robot Wars OG)

  • Price: S$35
  • Condition: MISB
  • Remarks: Cheaper than market price. The parts are remain sealed inside the plastic.

Contact Me

Send SMS to +65 9180 1290 or email me at bmecha84[at]yahoo[dot]com for details or price negotiation.

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  • http://heathorn.wordpress.com heathorn

    hm…..altalaion for 25 sgd…..

    oh no! better read another post to forget about this :D

  • http://gunota.info Jacques

    Always curious about how these works. How much is the rental? If I’m not mistaken, they are priced according to the location and size of the box, isn’t it?

    Do share and keep us posted on the response of your sale.

  • http://www.bmecha.com B-Mecha

    @heathorn: I’m selling Arblade Custom at S$30, interested?

    @Jacques: The rental is S$50 per month for Toy Realm, other shops e.g. toy outpost have their own price. I’ll update the list from time to time, especially when something sold and the new stuff to clear.

  • http://chubbybots.wordpress.com chubbybots

    Wah $25…..luckily i sunk my cost in nendos already lol :P But all the best for your sales dude!

  • http://insidemytoybox.wordpress.com/ Aya

    Atlion for SGD 25…………………

    and All the best for your sales

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  • http://www.gunplaaddict.blogspot.com Syful

    wow… can this reach to Brunei?

  • http://lookingglass.kokidokom.net gundamjehutykai

    Man, I wish there was something similar to this in the UK. Might consider selling my GK by that method…

  • Rat_limlim

    The Mazinger is fantastic, the car and many other toys in the locker is cheap and reasonable, I buy alot back to my native country in chicago…enjoy.. :)