Anime Festival Asia X Toy Sales!

<Anime Festival Asia X Event Exclusive Offers
Tomorrow is the day for Anime Festival Asia X (a.k.a. AFA X). The X stands for 2010 and this is the one of the biggest anime event in South East Asia! If you read my previous coverage on AFA 2009, we see maid cafe, anime singers, special guest, cosplayers, anime concert and my favourite anime toy sales! Although this year they will have the movie screening of Gundam OO the Movie, but I prefer to look at the special offers by the toy shops ^^. These are the main targets that I will visit.

Bandai Toy Booth

My main target of Anime Festival Asia X. Other than Gundam model kits, they usually brought in collectible figures like Soul of Chogokin, Robot Damashii, SDX and I would expect the latest Super Robot Chogokin series! There will be many event exclusive Gunpla too! Hopefully it will be around 20% discount this year.

Anime Festival Asia X Bandai Event Exclusive Toy Offers
Anime Festival Asia X Bandai Event Exclusive Toy Offers
Anime Festival Asia X Bandai Event Exclusive Toy Offers
HGOO 1/144 Gundam 00 Quanta Clear Colour Version, Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z Atami Version & Pegasus Seiya (Full Bronze Cloth).

KKnM Anime Booth

I have nightmare for this booth. I have to que for like 40 minutes just to get into the booth. They do have some anime figures like Nendoroid and Figmas but their main attraction would be the special items like keychain, pillow case, cup and other small accessories. I bought a Nia’s cup from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Cospa T-Shirt Booth

Want a K-On T shirt? Make sure you are slim enough or pray that they have the right size for you. The Cospa Anime T shirts are original from Japan and well designed. Most likely I will grab a Mazinger Z T Shirt, if there is any.

ToynToys Figure Booth

Rumour said there will be super sales for the Kaiyodo Revoltech action figure with very low price. This could be real as I saw the Revoltech old stocks disappeared from their store… Hopefully they will bring in Kotobukiya Super Robot Wars Plastic Model too.

My little advise

If possible, try to go there earlier to que for the entrence ticket. Some exclusive items will disappeared with great speed. Make sure you plan you budget properly. According to my last year experience, I’m happily overshot my budget by S$200. Back then I was hardly able to carry the loots and walk all the way to the MRT station and take the 1 hour ride back home… T__T Get extra pairs of hand few friends to go with you and charge your camera battery full!