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Epic Gundam Unicorn Episode 3 Screening

Gundam Unicorn Anime Episode 3 Screening in Singapore

Wow! Did you watch the Gundam Unicorn Episode 3 movie screening? Compare to episode 2, this time they have a lot more great battle scenes inside. Jegan, Unicorn Gundam and Delta Plus rocks! I’m glad to join Leon and other Gundam fans to watch this in the Singapore Bugis Shaw Cinema. With the big screen, It is definitely much refreshing and exciting after watching the anime. Thank you Sheng Tai, Bandai and BHG Singapore that organized this screening for the fans.

Watch Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 3 in Cinema!

Watch Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 3 in Cinema!

Yay! I just gotten the movie ticket to watch Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 3 in Cinema! The experience of watching UC episode 2 in the big screen is no where a 40 inch TV can compare. Want to join us? Don’t worry! You can now grab the movie ticket and watch the Unicorn Gundam kick ass in episode 3. But there will be many Gundam Unicorn fans go after the the free movie ticket, so you better act fast and claim them!

Anime Festival Asia X Part 1: Anime Toy Booth

Anime Festival Asia X - Entrence

Hi guys, I’m back from Anime Festival Asia X. By the time I finish this post AFA X should be over. Unlike previous AFA, I only went for day 1 and managed to take some photos of the booths, sales and the cosplayers. There are many surprises and disappointment in this year’s event. My coverage will focus on the event area and part 1 is mainly about the new anime figures, toy sales and the event exclusive items.