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Alteisen Nacht – Bandai Super Robot Chogokin Tamashii Exclusive

Bandai Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen Nacht

More and more limited edition for our dear Bandai Super Robot Chogokin line ups. Somehow this upcoming Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen Nacht is just a repaint of the original red Alteisen with an additional Shishioh Blade (the katana). The figure is Tamashii Shop exclusive so it means pay for more it. So far the figure in the magazine looks decent but I would prefer something better, at least partial design change.

Transformers Movie Optimus Prime & Bumblebee Plastic Model Kit

Transformers Movie Optimus & Bumblebee Plastic Model

Ever sick of the lousy design of the Transformers collectibles? Want the most kick ass Optimus Prime ever? Your wish is granted! There will be 2 upcoming awesome Transformers Movie Optimus Prime and Bumblebee plastic model kits! But there are few draw back… you have to fix this model kit and they can’t transform into vehicle mode.

Bandai Real Grade Aile Strike Gundam!

Bandai 1/144 Real Grade (RG) Aile Strike Gundam

The photos of Bandai 1/144 Real Grade Aile Strike Gundam prototype (gray colour test model) have been circulated since months ago, now we have the official photos of the actual figure! I better pre-order this RG Aile Strike Gundam so I don’t have to fight with the Gundam SEED Fans…

Kaiyodo Revoltech Evangelion Unit 06 – Kaworu Unit

Kaworu Evangelion 06 in EVA 2.22 anime movie

Kaworu’s Evangelion Unit 06 joined Kaiyodo Revoltech Yamaguchi series! At last we get to see something different for Kaiyodo Revoltech Yamaguchi series, after rounds and rounds of remake for EVA Unit 00, 01 and 02. EVA Unit 06 is Kaworu’s custom unit that made its first appearance at the end of Remake of Evangelion 2.22 Movie, where he fly all the way from moon and uses the Spear of Longinus to stop EVA Unit 01 and the 3rd Impact.