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LOL, Optimus Prime is a Pad?!

LG Optimus Pad - Transformers Edition. Optimus Prime transforms into a pad

Let me share with you, the Optimus Prime Pad! This is a promotion video for LG Optimus Pad, which I’m not sure it is official or fan made. The Transformers 3D quality is kinda low budget anyway. The video features Optimus Prime that transforms from the LG Optimus Pad and Megatron as the Apple device. At the end Optimus kicked Megatron ass and we have to pay the money to Autobots instead. Click here to watch the transformers video.

Mazinkaizer SKL Episode 1 – Death Caprice Anime Review

Mazinkaizer SKL Episode 1 - Death Caprice Anime Review

The standard loser line, “I’LL WAIT FOR YOU IN HELLLLL!!!”. Ryou & Ken: “NAH… WE ARE HELL!!!!”. My head just gone numb after drowning with so much violent scenes, Mazinkaizer SKL dynamic movment and the group of beauties =P. Just in case you ask where to watch, I bought the Mazinkaizer SKL Starter Pack which includes the Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaizer SKL and the episode 1 anime – Death Caprice DVD. It is raw so I’ll try my best to write this review.