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Kaiyodo Revoltech Shin Getter Robo 1

Kaiyodo Revoltech Robot Action Figure - Shin Geter Robo 1
It has been quite some time since I posted any Revoltech mecha photos. I was looking in my photos archive and decided to post the Kaiyodo Revoltech Shin Getter Robo 1 that I bought few months ago. “Why the heck you keep the photos for such a long time?!” Yea sorry i forgot about the photos since my com always spoil and many photos disappeared along the process T___T

A Day of Zaku

A Day of Zaku - Zaku @ Office
Gotten this cute little sitting Zaku from Gashapon. Kinda addicted to it so I bring it to office with me today. Since most of my colleagues are not here yet, I took some photos of it. Hope you like this cute little Zaku’s day ;)