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Super Robot Gakuen & Super Robot Wars Neo Promo Video

Super Robot Wars Neo - Shin Getter Robo

New Super Robot Wars (a.k.a Super Robot Taisen) games are coming soon! Banpresto released 2 promo videos for its 2 new games, Super Robot Gakuen and Super Robot Wars Neo. Unlike the usual Super Robot Wars, both of them come with new game play, let’s hope that it will entertain the mecha fans :P.

Macross Ultimate Frontier (PSP) – 3D Macross Battles

macross_ultimate_frontier logo

Did you guys play the Macross Ace Frontier (PSP)? It is a 3D actions game with Macross’s universe, now with more mecha and missions. The player get to control the mecha in the macross series and fight against the enemies! Macross Ultimate Frontier is the upgraded version of the Macross Ace Frontier, which includes more titles, mechas and characters.