Broken Blade (a.k.a. Break Blade) Manga

Attracted by the manga cover (to be exact, by the Sigyn), I started to read a not-so-new mecha manga, Break Blade (a.k.a. Broken Blade). Apparently it is quite popular in Japan and it is going to release anime movie and plamo. Although I’m still reading it… let me briefly introduce the story and characters.

Break Blade (Broken Blade) Manga - Sigyn
She is my cup of tea. :P

Break Blade (Broken Blade) Manga Story

In the Cruzon Continent, the people are born with magic power. With an element named Quartz, Magic become the power source of their daily life, from lighting a lamp to moving a Golem (the mecha unit in Break Blade). However, Lygatto, a un-sorcerer who cannot use Quartz, is involved in a war between 2 countries and his best friends. In order to save his friends, He join the war with an ancient Golem, Dirfinge that only he can pilot.

Break Blade Main Characters

Break Blade (Broken Blade) - Rygart Arrow

Rygart Arrow, the un-sorcerer and pilot of Dirfinge. Because of his incapability to use Quartz, he lived quite an pathetic life being bully by other people and staying at the country side. However, with his cheerful personality, he become best friend with Sigyn, Zess and Hodr.

Break Blade (Broken Blade) - Hodr

Hodr, the king of Krisna. He is one of Rygart’s military school friends. Although he is born in the royal family, he is reluctant to inherit the throne. After Rygart left the school, he become the king and married Sigyn. Few years later, with Krisna under attack by Athens, he is in the dilemma to surrender the country with the condition of all the royal member will be executed including the queen, Sigyn.

Break Blade (Broken Blade) - Sigyn Erster

Sigyn Erster, the queen of Krisna. Before marry to Hodr, she is a commoner and a mad scientist. She used to hang around with the other 3 of the gang. Currently she is in charge of the Golem development as well as the analysis of Dirfinge. Apparently she seems attracted to Rygart.

Break Blade (Broken Blade) - Zesu

Zess, brother of an Athens‘s general and also ace pilot of Athens army. Due to Athens‘s invasion, he volunteered to attack Krisna with his team equipped with new type Golem. He planned to force Hodr to surrender before the main forces strike Krihna, which will be a total wipe out. Apparently he is not aware of the additional condition for the surrender, which is the execution of Krisna‘s royal family.

Break Blade (Broken Blade ) Robot

Break Blade (Broken Blade) - Dirfinge
Dirfinge, a mysterious ancient Golem discovered in a Quartz mine of Krisna. Only Rygart is recognized as its pilot. It is made out of metal instead of Quartz and causing its weak armor. Unlike other Golem which can operate for long hour, Dirfinge’s energy gauge is pretty low and it limits the operating duration. However, it possessed unbeatable power output, speed and mobility.

Break Blade (Broken Blade) - Krisna's Golem, Fenrir
Krisna’s Golem, Fenrir

Break Blade (Broken Blade) - Athens's Golem, Artemis
Athen’s Golem, Artemis