Mecha Manga: Shin Mazinger Zero

Just stumbled this new Mazinger manga – Shin Mazinger Zero. Unlike the usual super robot story, the first line in the first page written “The world has ended”. The first few chapters are extremely gruesome. Apparently the concept is completely different and it has something to do with some sort of alternative world. By the way, this manga is extremely NSFW (Not Safe For Work), don’t read this manga when somebody else is around. I have warned you…

Mecha Manga Shin Mazinger Zero
Shin Mazinger Zero

Mecha Manga Shin Mazinger Zero
Mazinger Z sortie!

Mecha Manga Shin Mazinger Zero - Mazinger berserk
Okay…Mazinger’s mouth is open, 3rd impact coming soon?

Mecha Manga Shin Mazinger Zero - Mazinger berserk
This reminds me of the fewture’s Mazinger Z.

Mecha Manga Shin Mazinger Zero - Dr. Hell and Minerva X
Who need Mazinger? This freak me out, Dr. Hell with such magnificent body will kick asses without doing anything *dies*. The bottom left is new character, a cyborg named Minerva X (isn’t she suppose to be a huge mecha??).

The story surrounds Kabuto Kouji and Minerva X. The first few chapter shows that the world ended again and again. Minerva X sent Kabuto Kouji’s soul to another world with Rust Hurricane (wow that’s pretty hurt) in order to prevent Mazinger Z from destroying mankind…

Again, let me remind you that Shin Mazinger Zero is NSFW (Not Safe For Work). It can be found on a popular online manga site, or you can use google to search the manga title =P