Gundam OO The Movie Trailer with new Gundams!

Yes this is one of the first trailer of the Gundam OO The Movie!!! The earlier part of the video features the pre-production crew, discussing the idea and concept for the new Gundam. At the second half of the video we get to see the new gundams for the next year’s Gundam OO the movie! Special thanks to Matt with the youtube links.

Gundam OO the movie, Gundam OO Qan[T] and Setsuna F Seiei

Gundam OO The Movie Trailer with new Gundams!

From the gundam sketches we can see the effort of the production crew to produce such high end quality. The new gundams looks pretty interesting.

The new mobile suit in Gundam OO the movie

  • Raphael Gundam (O_o What is the 2 big hand thingy)
  • Gundam Zabanya (Nothing much… transform and fly around)
  • Gundam Harute (I saw some weird block at the tights there… I wonder what is that)
  • Gundam OO Qan[T] (Exia with Fang!!)

Somehow when it comes to end of the year, there are lots of toys releasing… now bandai have such a golden chance to milk us… It could be a trap so they can start selling the gunplas way before the movie… ;) Let’s wait for the new gunplas.