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Macross Frontier The Movie- The False Songstress Trailer update

Just saw this new macross’s trailer last night, a sharing from my anime friend in Australia :D. An update for the upcoming movie Macross Frontier – The False Songstress (Diva?), features mainly Sheryl Nome (and a bit of Ranka and Alto)! She has new songs, new outfits and new performances! Let us have some sneak peek of Sheryl Nome’s new concert design~. The 3D is quite impressive…

Macross Frontier The Movie: The False Songstress

Sheryl moe~~ <3 She looks so cute with the new costume~ Ranka is wearing something looks like school swimsuit... ^^;; Did you see the VF-25F Messiah Alto’s Unit with Atmospheric Flight Pack? It appeared for less than a second in 0:05 LOL. Bandai has the prototype ready, more toys for us to collect! *cry*

If you missed the previous trailer, you can view it in my previous post.