Mecha Art Museum at Singapore West Coast Plaza

Did you ever impressed by those mecha cosplayers like the one in Mascot Parade and AFA 2009? They are not the only one out there and many others are going to gather at Mecha Art Museum hosted in Singapore! This is an event showcase the unique mecha (robot) papercraft and mecha cosplayers around the world! I’m gonna love the Mecha Anime Orchestra! They are gonna perform Code Geass and Mazinger Z theme song!

Mecha Art Musuem at Singapore West Coast Plaza

Mecha Art Museum at Singapore

  • Venue: West Coast Plaza
  • Date: 10 September – 31 October
  • Performance Showdays: 11 – 12 September 2010, 1pm – 6pm
  • Performance Showdays: 18 – 19 September 2010, 1pm – 6pm

Events Highlights

  • Mecha Art Exhibition – There will be lots of robot papercraft displayed during the event, some of them even as tall as 2 meter! I’m definitely gonna take photo of them. The website hinted Gundam Unicorn and Gaogaigar gonna be there!
  • Mecha Paper Craft Workshop – Interested to build your own mecha papercraft? Signup for the workshop and learn from the expert!
  • Cosplay Workshop – It is never easy to make your own cosplay props. If you ever dream of cosplay as a Gundam, make sure you signup and see how the experts build those props.
  • Mecha Anime Song Orchestra – Love those Anime Opening like Evangelion, Macross Frontier, Mazinger Z and Code Geass? Make sure you check the event schedule and be there early! Many anime fans gonna swamp the area on that day.

This is the Mecha Design House official website. You can find more interesting news on the events there!