Nirvash Type 0 (Eureka Seven) – The First Surf Board Mecha?

Eureka Seven Nirvash Type 0

When I was watching Eureka Seven (TV series), the Trapar Wave concept attracted me. It is a special particle in the air that allows the mechas to “surf” in the air with a gigantic surf board. The “surf and fight” movements are very refreshing, especially how Nirvash dodged the homing missiles. The fast pace movement and camera angles make it so exciting to watch! Many of my friends were impressed by the new surfing concept, but sorry to disappoint them, Nirvash Type 0 is not the first one who fights with a surfboard.

Meets MBV-707-G Temjin, another mecha that surfs

Temjin from Virtual On Oratorio Tangram

About 10 years ago, there is a famous 3D mecha game, Virtual On Oratorio Tangram (VOOT). The main character, Temjin’s ultimate move transforms its Long Launcher into a surf board, ride on it and ram into enemy. Back then I was trying so hard to use this move, but apparently, it wasn’t practical as it was easy to dodge. Well, you get what I mean, it is the cool factor and Temjin is my favourite mecha :D. It is designed by Katoki Hajime who is a famous mecha designer from sunrise and often touch up the design of Gundam Master Grade models.

Temjin's surf board ram

Temjin (VOOT) in action!

Temjin's surf board ram

Temjin (Super Robot Wars Alpha 3) battle move.

Temjin in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3

To give a clearer view, let’s enjoy Temjin (and other Virtualoid) battle moves in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3. I love Temjin with surf board ram at 2:00! Although it is not exactly the same Temjin in VOOT, but the moves are very cool! Later I’ll do a introduction to Virtual On Oratorio Tangram (XBox 360).

Nirvash Type 0 in Super Robot Wars Z

The animation is cool, but it is kinda draggy… what do you think?