Play-asia Mecha Promotion!

While I was surfing in some anime forums, a forumer just informed me that play-asia.com is having promotions for a few Revoltech Action Figures. I don’t know when will this promotion end, if you want to get some new mecha figures, have a look at the items currently on promotion. The ARX-8 Laevatein only selling at US$19.90! =O

Kaiyodo Revoltech No.059 ARX-8 Laevatein Re-run (US$ 19.90)

Kaiyodo Revoltech No.081 ARX-7 Arbalest (US$ 24.90)

Kaiyodo Revoltech No.077 Eva Provisional Unit-05 (US$ 17.90)

Kaiyodo Revoltech No.075 Neo Getter 1 (US$ 19.90)

Kaiyodo Revoltech No.078 Dancouga (US$ 21.90)

Kaiyodo Revoltech No.039 Gaiking Face Open (US$ 11.90)