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Revoltech Expo 2009, Fully Transformable Revoltech Valkyrie?!

Revoltech Expo 2009 Logo

One of the Revoltech site just updated the info regarding Revoltech Expo 2009. The page listed a few interesting upcoming figurines and seems like Kaiyodo Revoltech series is getting more and more exciting! Below is the english translation with my limited Japanese knowledge.

New Revoltech Figures for Kaiyodo Revoltech Expo 2009

Revoltech Expo 2009 Figures (Revoltech Alien)

  • Limited Special release of Kaiyodo Revoltech Sengoku Basara figures (white colour ver)
  • First exposure of Kaiyodo Revoltech SFX series, including the new Revoltech Alien!
  • Fully Transformable Kaiyodo Revoltech Valkyrie Fighters (Yamaguchi style)
  • Frauline series is coming back! Featuring Mari,the new girl in Evangelion 2.0.
  • Zoid Mecha (Non-humonoid Revoltech??) and Professor Layton (the NDS Detective game?? O_o) will be joining Kaiyodo Revoltech series.
  • 3rd Chapter of Assemble Borg
  • New Kaiyodo Revoltech figures, Queens Blade 2nd series and Fist of North Star 3rd series.

As I read from other website, Kaiyodo Revoltech ARX-7 Arbalest (from Full Metal Panic!) will be display during the event. Can’t wait for that one =D

Revoltech Expo 2009 Details:

Time: 11am – 7pm
Date: October 31 2009
Venue: Tokyo Akihabara UDX4F Anime Centre
Fee: Free Entrence

Images and info are taken from The Revoltech Expo’s page